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Salesforce Lightning is a win-win for users

Jun 18, 2018 | Admin, Implementation Services, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Don’t you wish the greater things in life were easy?

For instance, finding a parking spot by the Redbox booth at the grocery store should be easy. Deciphering your kid’s math homework should be easy. And folding up a taco truck burrito loaded with extra chicken and mounds of pico de gallo should be easy. But, despite our best efforts, sometimes it just isn’t. But it could be.

Take responding to your customer’s needs; understanding what your customer wants and implementing ways to cater to those needs should be quick and easy—for both you and your customers. And because the face of our customers is always changing, incorporating ways to adapt to an evolving customer base needs to be easy. That is where Salesforce Lightning is an essential addition to your computing system. It’s the thing that makes it easy.

Here are two features of Salesforce Lightning that are a win-win for businesses:


1. The sky’s the limit on customer service capabilities.

Salesforce Lightning is a platform that enables developers and users alike to create apps that respond specifically to customers. “Using these technologies, you can seamlessly customize and easily deploy new apps to mobile devices running Salesforce,” says the developer team at Salesforce. And it comes with an out-of-the-box set of components to kick-start building apps. “You don’t have to spend your time optimizing your apps for different devices as the components take care of that for you,” say the developers. Plus, the Lightning platform also updates mobile devices, so you can provide optimal customer service whenever and wherever your customer needs help.

When the folks at Citrix Online approached Simplus, they needed to modernize their service process—FAST. Their online division was handling hundreds of thousands of eCommerce and corporate customer requests while fielding 10,000 calls and 9,000 emails every week. They needed a system that was standardized and efficient but also adaptable to the changing needs of their global client base. With Salesforce Lightning, we got it done. “Simplus helped us integrate all of our assets and user information in service cloud, so our reps now have 360-degree customer views,” said Tim Maskrey, program manager at Citrix Online.

As new applications and technologies develop, or if your admin designs a customized app, Lightning can grow with you and support solutions to a specialized business need.


2. No code needed.

At times, the desires of the sales department to adapt quickly to the changing needs of customers feels a little sluggish when IT needs to update the computing system. And that can lose valuable time that could’ve been spent attracting or better serving valued customers. “Once upon a time, developers needed to create apps from scratch with code. Now, with Lightning Components, both developers build components, and business users can build apps without code using Lightning’s drag-and-drop tools, for desktop, tablet and mobile devices,” says Kim Honjo at Salesforce.

With Salesforce Lightning, the drag-and-drop feature means updates and additions are simply one click away, and that means administrators and users can customize improved customer service applications as well. “Lightning was specifically designed with a ‘build now’ mentality that starts with getting developers up and running quickly,” says Jon Sigler at Salesforce. “It doesn’t take months of training or weeks of orientation to work in Lightning, just start on the Lightning Trailhead modules over Monday morning coffee and you can be building apps by Tuesday at lunch.” Sigler added that instead of relying on a code-heavy environment, Lightning is designed with drag-and-drop ease, which opens up the power of Lightning development to a wider audience.


Life isn’t always easy to navigate, but your company’s computing system can be. By adopting a platform that responds to customer service needs and saves time when applying solutions, your customer service challenges will be an easy fix. Call us! We can help. We are Simplus: Success Simplified.


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