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Salesforce launches a new service for nonprofit organizations

Oct 6, 2014 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Now more than ever, Salesforce is the right choice for nonprofit organizations looking for ways to manage their relationships with their donors, volunteers, and constituents. With the newest release of NGO Connect, Salesforce has added new functionality designed especially for non-profits.

Are you a nonprofit looking for the ultimate CRM? Take a look at the newest features added to Saleforce’s NGO Connect:

  • Nonprofit Relationship Management: Constituents are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization, and with NGO Connect you will be able to keep all of your constituent information up to date and organized in one place, from contact information to interests and preferences, all there for you to maximize the potential that exists in your data.
  • Donor Management: This new feature allows you not only to keep track of your donors’ history, but to project and forecast their potential donations. You can also keep track of all of their interactions, beyond just donations, to include social media contacts and event attendance.
  • Volunteer Management: With NGO Connect, there’s no longer a need for an additional service to recruit and keep track of volunteers. You’ll be able to handle all aspects of a successful volunteer program from scheduling volunteer shifts to building a community with your volunteers.
  • Events Management: Event planning can take an enormous amount of time and resources out of an organization. NGO Connect can make the process a little less painless by making it possible to track every aspect of an event—scheduling, tracking RSVPs, even seating arrangements—in one central location.

NGO Connect is already helping major nonprofits like City Year and Girl Scouts of America make the world a better place. Why not contact us to see what we and Salesforce can do to make your organization as strong and effective as it can be? Thanks.

Read more about NGO Connect here.


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