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Salesforce rolls out Health Cloud enhancements for better patient care

Jul 31, 2019 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, IndustryHP, Latest News, Sales Cloud

You asked for it! Now Salesforce offers a healthy dose of new and enhanced features to magnify your patient and health care services. Health Cloud has a new release coming up, and it’s changing the way providers and customers implement and organize patient care. 


What is Health Cloud?

This system is more than just an organizational tool for healthcare providers. Instead, it’s using technology to empower both patients and providers to design a personalized healthcare pathway to best serves their needs. “It’s a cloud-based, patient relationship management solution that builds on our strength as the world’s #1 CRM company,” explained Salesforce’s Joshua Newman. “It helps providers build stronger, 1-to-1 relationships; make smarter care decisions; and connect with their patients anywhere, on any device.”

Here are four of the latest Health Cloud enhancements slated for a Summer 2019 release! 


1.Provider Data Model

This is the foundation for healthcare services. Salesforce Health Cloud maintains a comprehensive patient profile by tracking and organizing necessary data to determine history, care services, insurance, and resources — all while complying with HIPAA requirements. 

(Image courtesy of Salesforce)


2. Lightning Scheduler

The key features of this enhancement give the power to the patient to book appointments, access files, resources, and select locations for care. It creates a personalized experience for patients that is easy to use. It also creates comprehensive reporting, analytics, and intelligence for better efficiency when addressing customer needs. 

Best of all, patients can schedule assets as well as human appointments. That means a patient can schedule their own MRI or X-ray appointments at a time that works best for them. 


3. Life Sciences Program Management

This enhancement offers an easy and efficient way for patients and providers to access essential resources, eligibility status, program enrollment, and services to make informed healthcare decisions. The program management data model offers a comprehensive view of a program—from products and providers to enrollment eligibility of the enrollee to help drive patient adherence and improve outcomes. 


4. Health Cloud Interoperability

One of the reasons Salesforce is an industry leader in cloud-based functions is its focus on interconnective abilities that bring data together to create a complete and easily accessible profile for customers. This is especially true for the Health Cloud platform. 

With more than 95 percent of today’s hospitals and nearly 90 percent of office-based physicians converting from paper to an electronic-based health records system, it’s more important than ever to use a system that collects and organizes data from varying sources and vendors. 

“I’ve experienced the need for interoperability from several perspectives,” says Ashwini Zenooz, a Salesforce contributor. “As a physician, I experienced how complicated it was to get a full view of a patient’s healthcare with information spread within and between multiple EHR platforms.”

Zenooz admits that achieving interoperability isn’t always easy, but he believes the benefits of connected care will help us become the healthiest population in history. “When the industry is connected, our world’s healthcare professionals can quickly and more efficiently provide services and information that will improve patient safety, security, and well-being.”

And that is much of the success of Salesforce Health Cloud as it helps today’s providers place their time and focus where it matters most: the patient. 


Simplus is creating additional innovations to complement Health Cloud and help healthcare companies do business better. You can expose the power of Salesforce CPQ to your channel partners with the Simplus Medical Device Partner Portal Bolt. This bolt offers streamlined processes, clean user interface, and guidance to make channel sales quick and easy—coming soon, exclusively from Simplus. 

Want to get started with Health Cloud in your own organization? Reach out to Simplus today for expert implementation consultants or to learn more about our HLS solutions!



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