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Salesforce CPQ made easy with SteelBrick Quote-to-Cash

Oct 2, 2015 | Admin, Latest News, Salesforce CPQ

A CPQ Solution Built Upon the Platform

Many businesses have complex quoting and pricing systems–but they waste valuable time configuring these with Microsoft Excel and other tools of the past. In contrast, Simplus deploys the SteelBrick Quote-to-Cash, a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and billing app built on Salesforce, that offers clean solutions to complex pricing and quoting challenges. With Simplus’s customization and integration of SteelBrick, your CPQ system can be simple, streamlined, and efficient.


So how do I know if I need SteelBrick?

SteelBrick Color Logo

Does your service have a variety of configuration options?

Does your sales team have complex discount schemes?

Are your quotes clean, consistent, and properly managed?


The SteelBrick Advantage

SteelBrick has a host of helpful features that simplify and streamline complex quoting systems. SteelBrick can configure products, price orders, and generate quotes with the click of a button 5-10 times faster than any other CPQ software. This reduces errors, improves productivity, and gives cross-sell and up-sell guidance.

Using standard Salesforce price books, SteelBrick easily handles volume discount, percent-of-total subscriptions, pre-negotiated contract pricing, and channel and partner pricing, creating volume discount schedules with unlimited tiers.

SteelBrick converts quotes to clean orders that can be automatically loaded into your business system and can generate renewal quotes while applying price increases. It can also configure products, solutions, and bundles and update configurations at any time for special promotions or product changes. Fully customizable proposals are also automatically saved in Salesforce for easy tracking, auditing, and compliance. In addition, SteelBrick has the ability to deliver executable contracts with dynamic terms and conditions with a click or a tap.

SteelBrick can manage and auto-renew subscriptions, freemium models, evergreen subscriptions, trial periods, and setup charges. And it is build completely inside the Salesforce platform.


The Simplus Solution


Simplus is a Silver Cloud Alliance Partner to Salesforce and a SteelBrick Certified Partner. Because SteelBrick is built and delivered directly on the Salesforce Platform, it has several advantages. It’s 100% native, meaning it looks and acts like Salesforce for fast adoption. Users may accelerate sales with the same reliability, scalability, and security as Salesforce. And to take advantage of the full functionality of the app, Simplus customizes it for business for its particular needs.

ToutApp’s adoption of SteelBrick is a good example of how to efficiently integrate and customize the CPQ experience. Before converting to SteelBrick, ToutApp, a sales software tool, used Google docs to quote information, requiring the sales team to assemble the documents outside of Salesforce. This manual quoting process slowed down the sales team and often caused inaccuracies.

With SteelBrick integrated into ToutApp’s Salesforce platform, and ToutApp’s jumbled, complicated mess became a simple, quick solution. Now, all of their content sits comfortably inside Salesforce with intuitive dashboards and more accurate reporting, allowing their sales team to reduce their quote time from up to 45 minutes to only 90 seconds.

This is the story with many SteelBrick users–and a driving reason behind our partnership with them. Simplus is dedicated to actively maximizing clients’ organizational efficiency by utilizing SaaS integration products and support services that simplify processes and increase productivity. SteelBrick meets that criteria.

As certified experts, Simplus can walk your organization through each stage of adopting SteelBrick, making sure the process is smooth and understandable for those tasked with adapting to it. We go above and beyond to make sure you get the most out of SteelBrick, giving your company the power to start off on the right foot.


For more information about how SteelBrick can benefit your CPQ and billing system, Ask for the Simplus + SteelBrick partnership.



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