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Salesforce Accelerators in the communications and media industries

Jul 1, 2020 | Admin, Infosys Partner Page, Latest News, Media and Communications

In 2018, the media industry was estimated to be worth 678 billion dollars—a small number compared to where’s it’s headed. The market valuation is only going up, and by 2026 it’s expected to surpass 2.6 trillion dollars. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park for any and all organizations in the industry. Between streaming wars, rising data privacy concerns, and the age of constant information consumption, comms and media companies have to constantly stay ahead of the trends or risk being deemed completely obsolete with a single touchscreen swipe. For many in the industry, the first step to ensuring long-lasting security starts internally: streamlining the Salesforce engine. 

At Simplus, we have access to a variety of accelerators built specifically for elevating the Salesforce experience for rising leaders in communications and media. Let’s take a look at five of our top accelerators for the industry and what they each do best: 


Panaya Foresight

Panaya Foresight is a real-time analytics engine. It provides you with complete visibility into the impacts even the smallest Salesforce changes will create. Special features to Panaya Foresight include the Overview Dashboard for monitoring usage and dependencies, functionality to drive changes more agilely, reduced risk of production errors, and the ability to enable CI/CD pipeline (“Smart DevOps”). Basically, it’s the next generation impact assessment solution for your Salesforce instance. The only impact analysis solution prepared to look at Salesforce metadata and determine the best path forward for your org. 

This accelerator is an excellent accompaniment to DevOps and Quality Risk Assessment initiatives. 



Meet AgilePro: your next best friend and smart application lifecycle management solution. That’s a lot of words to say AgilePro is a dream if you’re looking to streamline and automate wherever possible. Using Governance @ Source, AgilePro will futureproof your Salesforce architecture and avoid overly complicated configurations. By tracking the health of Salesforce and maintaining an audit trail, AgilePro enhances your CI/CD processes. AgilePro includes predictable outcomes with a codebase assessment, code coverage management, automated environment management, integrated release and build via virtualized DevOps, and org health analysis through AppCare+.

Like the previous accelerator, AgilePro is perfect for DevOps and Quality Risk Assessment initiatives your organization has. 



This is your one-stop-shop for agile management: planning, release, and project. AgilePlanner is built to bring crucial components together and thereby achieve smart, better, and faster agile planning. Some of the key features to AgilePlanner include Project and Release Planner, Backlog Manager, Sprint Runner, and workflow-enabled alerts and notifications. AgilePlanner’s intuitive UI and collaborative tools (like self-help chatbots and chatter feeds) ensure your projects, releases, user stories, and more are all managed with the best agile has to offer. 

Again, this accelerator goes well with any DevOps and Quality Risk Assessment-related projects. 


Channel Partner Enablement Tool

The Channel Partner Enablement Tool is a powerful accelerator. This is essentially a preconfigured multi-cloud solution for managing the entire partner lifecycle in the comms and media spaces. This includes partner stages such as onboarding, demand gen, opportunity management, post-sales support, partner compensation, and performance management. With all of these bases covered, you can take advantage of a centralized tool that handles every partner need. Following each partner throughout their entire journey, the Channel Partner Enablement Tool uses a gamified console, integrated CPQ functionality, modular Lightning components, and partner tier calculation to answer every need your channel partners may have. The best part? You can jumpstart implementation with it because of its preconfigured E2E PRM.

This accelerator is useful for monetizing subscribers, driving retention, and lead capture—all in all, a perfect way to unify the prospect’s journey and nurture the long-term relationship. 


Customer Advocacy Solution

This accelerator is another preconfigured multi-cloud solution, but this time the Customer Advocacy Solution is focused on D2C marketing and sales. Your digital and social media marketing teams will eagerly use the Customer Advocacy Solution to streamline their initiatives. From behavioral targeting and campaign management to social analytics and customer touchpoint management, the Customer Advocacy Solution does it all. You can track marketing effectiveness and direct resources as-needed to struggling projects, all while making brand ambassadors of your own customers. 

This accelerator is ideal for maximizing audience engagement and growing subscriber relationships because it puts particular emphasis on monetizing with D2C subscriptions and personalizing interactions. 


Whether you’re looking for a way to manage DevOps better or a solution for driving subscription revenue, our accelerators for communications and media run the gamut. They are ready to get to work for you. Reach out today to learn more about our industry solutions and read more about Salesforce for the media industry with Simplus’ exclusive ebook download: CRM Integration and the Media Industry


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