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Ryan Westwood on theCUBE: Salesforce trends, Conga, and entrepreneurship

Sep 26, 2018 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Dreamforce 2018 is well underway. On the first night, Simplus CEO Ryan Westwood took some time to meet with Jeff Frick of theCUBE and Matt Schiltz, CEO of Conga, and talk about Salesforce, Conga, and entrepreneurship. Catch a quick overview of the interview below, or watch the whole thing here.


Simplus in the Salesforce ecosystem

“We saw the emergence of CLM like we did CPQ. We felt like this is the future and this is a big opportunity. There’s a lot of white space in CLM. So when we met with Conga and the team, we were excited, because we knew that the technology and the market had a big opportunity. And then to have the experience of Matt and Bob and his team as well, we were really excited to partner and go to market with Conga—just like we did with Steelbrick.” — Ryan Westwood



“Salesforce announced here at Dreamforce that they’re reselling Conga products now. Conga quote generation is being co-branded with Salesforce and sold, along with invoice generation. It’s been a few years in the making. It was, in some ways, a very natural thing for [Salesforce] to say we’re going to build our document generation around our strongest partner.” —Matt Schiltz



“I think as an entrepreneur you realize over time how much you don’t know. It’s amazing to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs or CEOs that have experienced things you haven’t. So through those platforms, Wall Street Journal or Forbes, the writing I’ve done has been amazing for my own education. I’ve interviewed 60 plus tech CEOs, from all different kinds of companies, and I have learned so much. It’s been a really fun journey. There’s just so much to learn.” — Ryan Westwood


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