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Recommendations for any business entering a cooling economy

May 8, 2023 | Admin, Advisory Services, Latest News, Managed Services

Successful transformation begins with understanding the unique challenges each company and industry may face. 

It’s common business practice to try “do more with less” in our activities. But during a cooling economy, building on strategies to stay operational and competitive is essential alongside heightened efficiency goals. There’s a lot to consider when doing business during these uncertain times, and when companies come to us with questions about prioritizing resources and budgets against process analysis and optimization, ensuring security and interoperability, innovating better data utilization, improving CX with better CRM tools or upgrades, and more––we can ease some of their concerns and assist with roadmapping their digital transformation, by first determining the present health and functionality of their systems and workflows. 

With the support of our experienced advisory and strategic managed services teams, we assess the current workflow to determine how its capabilities support the company’s needs and goals, as well as ensure these organizational objectives are well understood, relevant, and effectively articulated. 

“We have a good model where we work with an architect to prioritize areas by identifying what absolutely needs to be done right now, and then what needs to be done over the next year or two. And then, we tie that into a strategic managed services engagement, so we can roadmap how long this will take and what size lift it should be,” explained Grant Acosta, Director of Customer Success–Strategic Services at Simplus. He added that team members with specialized practical experience with multiple operating systems also make implementation seamless and cost-effective. 

Our teams measure functionality for efficiency and scalability while also keeping in mind the people behind the processes–what works for them? To get the best output from as little resource expense as possible, it has to ultimately be well and quickly adopted to generate value. 

We recognize that selling value to your customers depends on more than price, which is why we help companies identify obstacles, explore and implement cost-saving innovation, and deliver a customer experience that connects throughout the buyer’s journey. Based on that expertise, we have templatized, successfully tested, and proven implementation strategies for faster development and, ultimately, extracting the most from constrained investment. 


Where to start? 

We believe that successful transformation is possible after evaluating how implemented work systems support overarching business initiatives. To ensure you’re getting maximum performance from your Salesforce instance and other operational support systems, we provide measurable results via benchmarking, targeted testing, and assessment. 

In our latest  Addressing the Cooling Economy eBooks, we dive into the particular industry pain points, solutions, and example case studies for six industries: high tech, communications and media, healthcare, financial services, utilities and energy, and manufacturing. But the top three use cases driving value remain consistent no matter what industry your business is in—increase operational efficiency for driving a better customer experience, reduce technical complexities, and offset skills gaps with strategic services are each applicable value-adds for any organization looking to stay relevant, agile, and successful through uncertain economic times. Download the eBook for your industry today and learn more. 



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