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3 reasons why you aren’t thrilled with your CPQ implementation

Nov 12, 2021 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, Healthcare, Implementation Services, Latest News, Salesforce CPQ

You’ve heard CPQ software is the solution for streamlining customer payment processes, organizing plan options, and automating strategic sales tasks like benefit contracts and renewals. And, it is. CPQ is ideal for health services companies. 

So why aren’t you feeling better about integrating CPQ software? 

In many cases, the problem isn’t the product. Instead, you need a better plan to prepare for integration. 

“Information management is a large part of keeping a project moving forward,” says Shane Howard, Executive VP of Global Operations at Simplus. “Most of the time, conversations and general information are shared with all team members. But there are also meetings where information needs to be treated with more discretion among key stakeholders. Using a formally scheduled meeting ensures that the correct information is presented to those who need it.” 

The most successful integrations start with a roadmap. Only then can you determine your goals for integration and how CPQ can work best with existing systems. 

If you want to give CPQ integration another try, work with a team that starts communication early and often. Then, be sure your data management, workflow processes, and expectations align with the integration plan. Here’s why: 


Workflow processes

We believe the goal of integrating CPQ isn’t to uproot business operations but rather to make the tasks your employees perform more effective. To provide solutions, you need to first fully understand the problem. 

What processes do you hope to improve with CPQ? Are there specific pain points? For example, is manual data entry delaying medical claims? Are you concerned about compliance? Are your service reps frustrated by the lack of current benefit and pricing information for customers? Is a lack of centralized data at the core of your business challenges? 

Studies show that 92 percent of business leaders agree that companies must enable digital channels and process automation in the workplace to survive and flourish. But companies are reluctant to toss out existing systems in pursuit of it. With an experienced team, you won’t have to. A clear roadmap identifies the value of existing systems and how CPQ can work with them instead of replacing them. 


Data management

There’s no shortage of data in most companies. The issue is the collective value of that data. CPQ is a data-based tool. But it cannot miraculously transform poor quality data into something of value to your departments. Before integration starts, discuss the data your teams collect, consider its value, and how it may apply to other departments. Then, discuss how integrating CPQ can simplify data-based functions. 

A recent study shows that 94 percent of CEOs surveyed consider data on customer and client preferences or needs as critical or important. Still, only 15 percent actually have comprehensive data in this area.

Data collection is essential, but it’s only a first step. To optimize CPQ, you need to determine the type of data you collect, how you use it, and what data is missing. Only then can tools like CPQ help you reach your business objectives. 


Goals and expectations

What does a successful CPQ integration look like? Does the final product align with your business goals? More importantly, will your employees adopt the new system?

“Great consultants will have the product and industry knowledge to look at your requirements, add their own expertise based on experience, possibly say no if a certain request is not in your best interest, and ultimately create the best solution possible for you,” says Shane

As part of the integration roadmap, our team considers existing workflow processes, roadblocks, and your company’s primary goals to decide if your CPQ solution needs custom integration or if the standard, out-of-the-box solution will suffice. 

Experts predict that Salesforce CPQ’s market will increase to almost $4 billion by 2026. That means thousands of companies in numerous industries will have the tools to simplify their sales and service processes. But introducing new technology to your workplace can be overwhelming if you don’t start with a plan. 

We’ve worked with numerous businesses to help implement CPQ solutions. We’ve also worked with companies to help them optimize the software they already have in place. We understand the roadblocks that frequently arise, particularly within an evolving healthcare industry. If you need to gain a healthier outlook on ways CPQ can transform your organization, we can help. 




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