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Quote Objects: Just how different are Apttus CPQ and Salesforce CPQ?

Dec 16, 2019 | Admin, Latest News, Salesforce CPQ

Trying to decide between Apttus CPQ and Salesforce CPQ? One of the biggest factors influencing your decision may be quote object functionality. In CPQ, that little Q makes a huge difference. Salesforce CPQ is a great choice for quote objects because it

– makes your job less stressful and more focused, 

– is scalable yet simple, and

– offers you options and flexibility.


1. Streamlined and stress-free

With Salesforce CPQ, something you notice right away is that it works well with Lightning UI and has a native platform look and feel. So when you set up a quote object, everything feels comfortable and easy. Plus, Salesforce regulates updates, and the release upgrade cycle is streamlined.

With Apttus, clients often find that it is difficult to maintain frequent release upgrades, and the release upgrade cycle can be less streamlined.


2. Focused on Salesforce so you can focus on work

While Salesforce CPQ does use custom objects, its core objects are standard, leveraging standard Salesforce functionality. So sales teams and channel partners can use Price Book Entry, for example, to help them manage price entries.

Apttus CPQ, on the other hand, doesn’t use standard platform objects like Price Book Entry. Instead, it uses a custom orders object, assets objects, orders, order products, and contracts. For example, Apttus uses a Configuration Object to store iterations of the cart. This can be really helpful in some cases. In other cases, this customization causes headaches when trying to apply customizations to the quoting process. In our experience, we have found that applying data structures can…



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