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Phone metrics in Salesforce

Nov 6, 2014 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

It’s often difficult to connect phone operations with Salesforce natively. Fortunately, there are a few tools that can help enhance how you conduct phone campaigns by connecting them more effectively with Salesforce.


This tool works with SFDC and it lets you dial phone numbers in just one move. You can also keep a log of all calls, record them, send messages over voicemail, manage your caller ID and even track calls. All of this works right through dashboards in Salesforce.

The tool can help you increase how productive your phone sales team is by making their lives easier and also by giving you a sense of how they are all doing with all of the logged information.  You can make calls through your office phone, cell phone, or even right through the computer with the software.


Callinize is specifically for call centers and any other business that uses calling extensively for sales with a click to dial approach. It works with phone systems already in place. The tool also has a caller ID popup window that you can get right on your screen when you have an inbound call so that operators know exactly who they will be talking to when the call connects.

The tool works with a wide range of systems including Vonage, NEC, Microsoft Lync and others. The tool also collects information about calls in terms of analytics and metrics so that it’s easy for you to tell where your phone sales strategy may be going wrong.

You can get more help with Salesforce and phone systems if you contact us today.

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  1. Blake Robertson

    Thanks for the review on Callinize. One thing I’d like to add is Callinize works outside of Salesforce. Popups and click to dial show up on any tab and bring all that great info in Salesforce to you for a change!

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