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MuleSoft + CPQ: Global Digital Transformation Webinar

Sep 16, 2019 | Admin, Data Integration, Latest News, MCD Page, Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce acquired MuleSoft in 2018, and integration needs have only grown since. Based on a recent webinar poll, 72% of attendees had clients with integration needs. One of the reasons why that number is high is because, with any digital transformation system, you have a backend system that isn’t part of the Salesforce system. For example, order management, ERP, etc., aren’t supported on Salesforce. That’s where MuleSoft, the proven leader for integration needs, can help. Salesforce recently held a great webinar featuring some of the Data Integration team from Simplus on how MuleSoft works with CPQ. We’ve collected the highlights.

In Salesforce, the CPQ process ends at the order phase. MuleSoft helps distribute those orders to the proper system such as contract management, revenue recognition, order management, provisioning, shipment, and inventory management. And that capability can mean the difference between keeping a valued customer or losing them to the competition. In a recent webinar with Salesforce and MuleSoft, Simplus showcased just how MuleSoft can add to CPQ for complete digital transformation in any organization. Here’s how:


How does that look in the industry?

As the customer’s needs evolve, so does the need for your business to create a system that caters to those needs. For example, recently, Simplus presented a case study with a leading chemical manufacturer that shows how MuleSoft enhanced the manufacturer’s process capabilities to offer more collaborative customer and employee experiences as well as improve profitability potential. 

“According to Salesforce’s latest State of Service report, only 70% of service reps say they can find all the information they need to do their job on one screen,” says Salesforce contributor Esther Chen. “MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform enables organizations to synchronize data and automate transactions between Salesforce Service Cloud, ERP, and other third-party systems, whether on-premises or in the cloud.” 

Chen added that when your business needs a responsive, collaborative service to stay competitive in your industry, MuleSoft and Service Cloud make building that service experience easier while also driving increased customer satisfaction and new revenue streams.

Another important feature is the matter of scalability. So as your business grows, your work system can accommodate that growth. 


Using API-led connectivity to enhance customer service

Typically, the structure design pairs one API to one purpose. And, that’s fine. But by adding MuleSoft’s AnyPoint design as a vehicle that marries Salesforce with SAP functions, these processes become flexible, scalable, and manageable. Unlike standard API designs that require constructing a unique IP address for each function, each connection with MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform is reusable, and it helps create a network of pluggable assets that promote self-service tasks among team members and helps them complete projects faster. “As a result of delivering these integrations faster, the applications those integrations support are released to market faster, which has a positive impact on the business outcome (improved time-to-market),” explained MuleSoft’s Brandon Cohan. 

So what do these innovative features mean for you? 

– First, this platform offers API-led connectivity. 

– Data is preserved without extra storage and extra queries. 

– DataWeave is a rich, internal development language. 

– And it provides comprehensive, interactive testing without running flow.

And that means an exciting ROI for customers. In fact, 71% of recent webinar attendees said they are “very likely” to use MuleSoft to integrate to CPQ. 


So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to make the switch to MuleSoft and CPQ? It’s a winning duo for today’s fast-paced businesses. 



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