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Alleviate manufacturing labor shortages with managed services

Jan 27, 2021 | Admin, Latest News, Managed Services, Manufacturing

It’s no secret: there is a labor problem in the manufacturing industry. The overwhelming challenges of an aging workforce and less-than-impressive numbers for new recruits are widely understood—so much so that estimates say two million of the three million open positions generated by the industry will go unfilled in the next decade. But what’s less certain is exactly what decision-makers at these manufacturers can do about it. 

As a technology partner with no shortage of experience helping manufacturing clients modernize and future-proof their businesses, we’d like to share two tangible strategies. We believe these strategies can help any manufacturer address resource and recruitment problems within their organization: reskilling talent and Managed Services. For this first article, we’ll take a deep dive into the latter option, an indirect strategy focused entirely on offloading your Salesforce org maintenance and innovation by outsourcing to a Managed Services partner. 

Let’s examine exactly what Managed Services are, the benefits it holds for the industry, and what you can expect when you get started with this strategy. 


What are Managed Services?

Managed Services Providers (or MSPs) are technology partners that support your business processes by taking some of the technology maintenance off your workload. Rather than hiring multiple in-house, full-time admins for Salesforce and related products, you can outsource that work to Managed Services, receiving a wider array of technology expertise and saving on costs. 

At Simplus, our Managed Services team is highly-rated for our experience in not only maintaining but improving user productivity through best practice audits, continuous technical updates, and small project work to bring additional innovations to fruition over time. You may be a manufacturer, but that doesn’t mean IT is merely limited to one department—with your entire business dependent on strong IT infrastructure, you can’t afford to skimp. Leveraging Managed Services means you bring in an abundance of technical talent and expertise, equipped to both tend to day-to-day upkeep but also scale for your company’s customized growth trajectory


Benefits to outsourcing the workload

There are many benefits to using Managed Services, but we want to just hit on some of the most relevant ones for manufacturers looking for ways to lower their resource costs and pivot during a labor shortage crisis. Let’s take a look…



Want to keep reading? The complete ebook is available to download for free: Addressing the Manufacturing Labor Shortage.



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