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Managed Services DevOps Series Part 4 — Deployment

Jun 23, 2020 | Admin, Latest News, Managed Services

You’re nearly there. Your DevOps initiative has gone through extensive planning, development, coding, testing, and overall preparation. However, the end is not as simple as pushing the go button. With 53 percent of organizations that use Salesforce Lightning experiencing deployment times up to a week long, it’s clearly not an easy finger snap kind of process to set your improvements free. That’s why deployment and post-go-live monitoring are two vital phases for DevOps projects that need more than a cursory glance.

Simplus Managed Services has the history of client success and satisfaction to make sure the concluding days of a DevOps project are truly rewarding to stakeholders and end users. With great results, adoption insights, and a sense of security, the final two stages—deployment and monitoring—are often the most exciting. Here’s how Simplus does it:



Once the release approval documentation has been submitted, reviewed, and greenlighted by the architect team, we can move onto deployment. This is considered the big reveal moment—when everything goes out into the reality of your Salesforce instance. For the most successful deployment experiences, there are two crucial ingredients our Managed Services DevOps team utilizes: deployment plans and lead consultants.


Deployment plan

The deployment plan is thorough documentation from your Simplus DevOps team designed to help ensure a seamless deployment. It will typically include …



Want to keep reading? Take a look at the complete ebook, “Understanding DevOps and How Managed Services Makes it Easier,” for more insights. 



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Michelle Brown
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