Understanding DevOps and How Strategic Services Makes it Easier

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Your Salesforce instance needs a lot of support to stay in top shape day-in-day-out. That’s why Salesforce Admins exist, right? But if you want to truly keep up and grow business, you’ll find the number of support cases growing and the time free to spend on developing innovation, well, nonexistent. That’s where Strategic Services step in. And Simplus’ team is unique, offering you dedicated resources and a flex model to bring in additional hours or resources when your business demands.

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In this ebook, you’ll learn…

  • What DevOps is and why it’s important for business growth
  • The steps to take before launching DevOps sprints
  • Best practices for code build, testing, and release
  • Common challenges during deployment and maintenance
  • How your organization can leverage DevOps projects to become an industry leader
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Get started with DevOps today by aligning with the best Salesforce consultants for your organization.
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