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Do you have a love/hate relationship with your spreadsheet?

Jan 30, 2018 | Admin, High-Tech, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Let’s face it. Spreadsheet software programs like Excel are an office mainstay, offering a format that organizes everything from bookkeeping to employee birthday lists. But in spite of its staying power, spreadsheet programs have their limitations: human error, time-intensive data input, integration challenges with other files, etc. Fortunately, SaaS technology is the solution for our love/hate relationship with spreadsheets.

Hey, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. If the relationship works, you stick with it — including the beloved spreadsheet. But you can improve its performance and application by updating your office system to accommodate a more user-friendly platform that fits well with modern office processes.

If you’re looking for ways to streamline your workflow, improve work infrastructure, and turn time into profit, here are four reasons why Salesforce could be a true love connection.


1. Data should be inputted once, and only once.

How many times is the same data entered for different departments? Rather than institutionalizing duplicate data entry duties, once should be enough. Double entry means duplicate efforts, wasted time, and an increased risk in human error. But with Salesforce CRM, your data can be accessible to every department that needs it. Your data can be in one place rather than several programs, lists, or applications, and all of your departments can have access to the same data. When everyone has the same correct data in a central location, efficiency reigns.

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2. Data should be collaborative.

In this global economy, teams from all over the country or even the world can work together to find solutions and facilitate processes for business growth. By importing information into a Salesforce app that looks and feels like a standard spreadsheet, data such as documents, contacts, and statistics can be shared and updated. This optimizes sales opportunities and leads and it also reduces the risk of obsolete documents that could compromise business decisions floating around.


3. Data should be safe and secure.

We value our data, and we want our valuable information to be secure. One of the more common concerns about using web-based products is the vulnerability to viruses or invasion. At Simplus, we treat our customer’s data with as much scrutiny to security as we handle our own. We understand that the success of your business relies on a reliable system that also protects your information. That’s why Salesforce hosts its data in a completely secure server environment and uses advanced technology to prevent all unauthorized access.


4. Data should be easy to customize and update.

Unlike traditional spreadsheet software, things can get personal with Salesforce-based technology. It allows remote access via the web, which means troubleshooting won’t be a heartbreaking experience. Data can get complex, but that doesn’t mean data should surrender customizable features.

Take Simplus’ work with Mulesoft, for example. When San Francisco-based software company Mulesoft felt their technology couldn’t match pace with the company’s business goals, they approached Simplus with a desire to upgrade. But Mulesoft had a highly complex approval process for orders. It was based on multiple conditions, such as project type, legal parameters, and routing.

To address all of this, Simplus built a Visualforce page to contain approval outlets. Simplus then built 45 advanced approval rules and 15 Platinum Support Product rules, both of which require custom construction so as to not appear a part of the natural Salesforce record. This build was consolidated into 12 easy-to-understand approval milestones within the Visualforce page. After implementing Simplus CPQ, MuleSoft was able to streamline the approval process and move forward at a winning speed. For Mulesoft, it was love at first sight! And for Simplus, it was the beginning of a happy, long-term relationship.


It’s true that we adore our pet software programs, which we rely on to do our jobs, especially spreadsheets. But when you reach a point where you feel as though loving it is wrong, but you don’t wanna be right — honey, it’s time to upgrade. If you love using spreadsheets but hate the extra work it creates, Salesforce and your office system just may be a match made in heaven.


Salesforce offers a free webinar that is loaded with helpful information on how modern technology can partner with the software you love, or help you integrate new ones that are sure to win you over. Check it out! Then, call us! We can help. 833.SIM.PLUS


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