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LinkedIn: The 2019 Marketing Benchmarks Cheat Sheet

Mar 12, 2019 | Admin, Latest News, Media and Communications

LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions blog recently featured an article from our CMO, Amy Cook, highlighting key marketing metrics and their benchmarks. With a new year comes the need for new benchmarks and the latest industry research on what marketing ROI to expect in certain areas. Amy breaks down the complex world of marketing into ten simple categories and the latest metrics to watch for in each. Check out some highlights below or read the full article here!


1. Search Engine Marketing

“In 2019, we are going to hear many marketers say “SEO is dead.” But, believe it or not, SEO is 5.66 times better than paid search ads, and 70 to 80 percent of search engine users focus solely on organic results.”


2. Social Media Advertising

“89 percent of marketers plan to spend as much or more this year than last year on LinkedIn advertising. And about one-fifth of B2B digital advertising in the United States in 2019 will appear on LinkedIn, according to eMarketer.”


3. Email Marketing

“To make your email marketing strategy more effective, first and foremost be considerate of your audience. … Research shows that 75 percent of recipients are more likely to click on emails that are personalized and relative to their location, interests, and recent purchases.”


4. Direct Mail

“A 2016 study by the United States Postal Service found in a survey of 1,545 consumers that 87 percent of people would rather receive a piece of direct mail than a telemarketing call.”


5. Webinars

“According to Demand Generation’s 2018 Content Survey Report, 48 percent of respondents said webinars are the most valuable type of content during the mid-stage of their buying journey, and 75 percent were willing to share more information to access more content in a webinar.”


6. Events

“52 percent of respondents say event marketing drives more business value than other marketing channels. However, less than a quarter of them could quantify this value. Number of attendees, number of SQLs, brand awareness, social press mentions, and amount of sales pipeline generated are the most commonly tracked metrics.”


7. Website

“Websites have the highest conversion rates from lead to opportunity (31.3 percent), in part because sales reps are optimistic when inbound inquiries come from the website. Approximately 5 percent of these opportunities end up as closed won.”


8. Content Marketing

“Ninety-six percent of B2B buyers have reported that they would like to see content that includes more input from the industry leaders. If you are wondering why you haven’t had much interaction with your potential buyers, make sure your content provides what they want to see.”


9. Influencer Marketing

“86 percent of marketers are using influencer content, with 92 percent finding it to be an effective strategy.”


10. Review Sites

“Leads from review sites can have as high as a 24 percent conversion rate. This is because buyers find value in learning from the experiences of others; approximately 90 percent of consumers trust online reviews in the same way that they trust recommendations from family and friends.”



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