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Joe Carr honored as a top talent acquisition professional

We are pleased to learn that Joe Carr, VP of Talent here at Simplus, is one of the Top 10 winners of the 2021 OnCon Icon Talent Acquisition Professional Award. The OnCon Icon Awards recognize the top talent acquisition professionals and talent acquisition vendors in the entire world. 

Winners were selected based on their impact on their organization, contributions to the professional community through thought leadership, innovation, and exceptional leadership. 

Joe always goes the extra mile (literally) to meet with some of the most skilled individuals in North America and Europe. Much of his recruiting success stems from understanding the individuality that people bring to the workplace. 

“The biggest mistake I see companies in the tech world make (and other specialist areas for that matter) is viewing people as commodities,” says Joe. “The people you bring into your business are the ones who will foster a great culture and help it grow, so it’s important to make sure you consider staff variety and soft skills when you hire new team members and to make a deliberate effort to understand each employee as an individual.”

Click here for the full list of winners for 2021. Award recipients were honored during the OnCon 2021 virtual award ceremony on July 13th.



Joe writes about keys to a successful onboarding experience in his ebook, Why Workplace Culture is More Than a Buzzword. Download here.

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