ISG ranks Infosys as a Salesforce ecosystem leader

Simplus’ parent company, Infosys, has been recognized as a leader in ISG’s Provider Lens Salesforce Ecosystem Partners 2021 report for the US. Leaders in the report, according to ISG, are the vendors and providers who stand out with a highly attractive service offering and strong competitive position. Simplus is proud to be part of Infosys’ achievement in this report and eager to continue developing the Salesforce practice for sustained innovation and customer excellence.

In the report, ISG describes Infosys as “a highly capable provider of Salesforce-related services with strong expertise for effective deployment and offers numerous powerful industry-specific solutions. Infosys offers large customers a compelling portfolio for operational support of Salesforce-based applications with powerful use of tools and automation.” Continuing in the US quadrant of the report, ISF also notes that Infosys has “substantiated its leading position in early 2020 by the acquisition of the Salesforce provider Simplus, which adds significantly to Infosys´ capabilities in the U.S.”

The Infosys Salesforce practice has an impressive portfolio full of predefined solutions, productivity tools, and vertical-based accelerators to amplify implementations of Salesforce for clients in any sector. Of particular note to the ISG report are Infosys’ strong delivery model, industry-specific solutions, and deployment automation nations. ISG’s report was conducted by analyzing over 40 Salesforce service providers based on the criteria of strategy, innovation, market impact, geographical presence, technology advancements, and dynamics of service delivery. This placed Infosys as a leader in two quadrants in the report: the Implementation and Integration Services for Large Enterprises quadrant and the Managed Application Services for Large Enterprises quadrant

We are thrilled with this accomplishment and excited to continue building on this already impressive foundation for more solution-based Salesforce innovation.

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