allan alli

Introducing Allan Alli!

Allan Alli has joined the Simplus family! We are thrilled to announce Allan as a new Delivery Manager here at Simplus. Allan brings with him years of experience and keen expertise on Salesforce Service Cloud, as well as the Salesforce ecosystem as a whole. Check out our Q&A with him to learn more!


Q: What were you doing before Simplus?

A: Before coming to Simplus, I spent nine years at Accenture. When I first began at Accenture, the Salesforce practice was just starting. I helped build it out from one customer and one logo to over 40 clients and over 80 Accenture team members. At Accenture, I held many roles, including project manager, delivery manager, and functional solution architect, as well as helping with sales and expanding the footprint of Salesforce through Accenture services.


Q: Tell us about some of the previous Salesforce projects you’ve worked on. 

A: I would say I’m pretty well-versed in transformational projects with big enterprise clients. On one previous project, I assisted a company with over 1,300 end users in the Salesforce instance implement a global Service Cloud rollout across four business units, and I operated as functional lead, change lead, and deployment lead all at one time. With another enterprise client, I assisted a major financial services institution in Canada reimplement Salesforce properly with a successful data migration for 1,100 end users across both sales and service units. 


Q: How’d you first get started with the Salesforce ecosystem?

A: I first got into Salesforce in 2008, when a previous employer asked me to build out a small application to reduce reliance on the company’s infrastructure partner. The application was a huge success and was even featured in the following year’s Dreamforce. This work also led to the company buying 1,500 Salesforce licenses—one of the largest deals Salesforce had ever had in Canada at the time. With that, I went on to expand my Salesforce knowledge with hands-on experience at Accenture. 


Q: How do you feel your experience will contribute to Simplus?

A: With my years of consulting experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, I think I am set to contribute greatly to Simplus’ service offerings. I understand the functionality of Service Cloud, and I can assure customers realize that value in their own implementations of the product. Additionally, my network of contacts from previous digital transformation engagements will aid Simplus as we continue to build out our practice in Canada and expand into Service Cloud with more resources. 


Allan studied computer programming at Sheridan College and continues to live in Toronto, Canada—where he was born and raised. Welcome, Allan!

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