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How to integrate popular email marketing services with Salesforce

Email marketing campaigns are often an important part of many people’s strategies for generating business.  While there are a number of resources out there for keeping track of your email campaign, the ability to integrate these services with Salesforce for the purposes of monitoring and organization is often something that will make the process easier.

Here are a few tools for helping you to integrate email marketing campaigns with Salesforce.

MailChimp for Salesforce

This service has more than 4 million people using it now, and it helps you manage campaigns from start to finish. This includes creating the campaigns, sending them and then tracking how they do. The tool now allows you to sync your data from MailChimp with data from Salesforce so you can view all of your information in one place.

In specific, you can manage your MailChimp subscribers and connect them to leads and contacts in Salesforce. You can also upload subscribers from MailChimp and create Salesforce leads based on them. The tool also lets you see what your subscribers have been doing and how your MailChimp campaign is doing in Salesforce.

Communicator Integration

The Communicator Integration tool lets you integrate metrics for email campaigns right through Salesforce with the Communicator service. This allows you to manage automated campaigns, for example. It can also synchronize all of your contacts. The client periodically syncs everything together using hosting and operation services.

Regardless of what email campaign service you use, chances are good there’s a tool out there that will allow you to connect the service together with Salesforce.

You can find out more about Salesforce integration if you contact us for more information on the subject.

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