The importance of cloud computing

As you start to think about the New Year and your list of resolutions, push extreme dieting and grueling workout regimes aside and think of ways that will immediately impact your life, like business oriented resolutions. If your business has yet to adapt to cloud computing, here are 5 reasons why your business needs to hop on this cloud in 2015.

  1. Everybody is Doing It

“But everybody is doing it” used to not be a good enough reason for your 7 year-old self to do something, but as a business owner, it’s one of the best reasons to do something. Give your business a competitive edge with Cloud Computing software. Not only will cloud computing software allow your business to stay competitive against those in an equal playing field but because cloud computing is extremely fast, it allows small businesses to stay competitive against large businesses.

  1. Anytime, Anywhere

Instead of having to lug around a large external hard drive with you when traveling, you can have access to all of your lead generation information anytime, anywhere. From accessing contact information to creating a new lead generated report, cloud computing allows you to have access to this information whenever and wherever you have internet access.

Additionally, because documents are stored directly onto the cloud, anyone with permissions can access documents and work on the same project at the same time. Avoiding time lost and documents with several untrackable versions.

  1. Always There—Avoid Disasters

Companies that utilize cloud computing technologies don’t have to worry about having a disaster relief back-up plan because everything is immediately saved in the external cloud, eliminating the dreaded “My server crashed and I lost all of the lead information”.

According to a blog on, companies that do operate on a cloud are able to resolve any issues up to four times faster than companies that don’t operate on a cloud. Not only saving your business money, but saving your clients time as well.

  1. Better for the Environment

Transform your business from traditional to environmentally friendly by utilizing cloud computing software. Many small to corporate size companies require the use of more servers to get jobs done because server utilization rates are about 5-10%, whereas cloud utilization rates are in the 70% range. Because cloud computing eliminates in-house servers, there isn’t the need for the constant climate control involved in maintaining servers—eliminating carbon footprints.

  1. Focused on Security

Get rid of documents floating around on employee computers and the increased potential of computers getting hacked with cloud computing. How does cloud computing resolve security issues?  Because everything is operated on a cloud that involves certain identification requirements in order to be accessed, cloud computing is one of the most secure ways to store all of your businesses lead and sales information.


From the constant ability to access your files to being labeled as an “environmentally friendly company” there are more than just a few reasons that your company needs to convert from a traditional server to cloud computing software. To learn more about cloud computing software, contact us.

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