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Holcim Case Study: Optimizing CPQ for scalable growth

Nov 9, 2022 | Admin, Latest News, Manufacturing, Salesforce CPQ

Holcim, a leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions and the company behind brands like Lafarge and Aggregate Industries, is enabling greener cities and smarter infrastructures with its four business segments: cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and solutions and products. Having worked with Simplus before to elevate the CPQ data processes surrounding one product line, Holcim was eager to reach out again for more work on the next line ready for transformation.

Keep reading to learn more about our partnership with Holcim and the incredible CPQ results yielded so far: 


The Challenges

Holcim is a large company with multiple lines of business. Having worked with Simplus on one product in the past, Holcim partnered with us again when it came time to transform another product line: ACM. Holcim was eager to work with Simplus in a true partnership focused on seamless quoting experiences and increased rep productivity, two major objectives for Holcim. 


The Simplus Solution

Simplus first helped Holcim ACM upgrade its Salesforce instance to the latest edition to set up the foundation for further CPQ enhancements. We then worked hand-in-hand with Holcim to make CPQ quote configurations catered specifically to the ACM product line’s nuances and needs. Some of these functionalities included mass quoting and editing tools as well as particular forecasting needs.

This work yielded 100 percent visibility into forecasting historical data for the ACM line and a 50 percent decrease in the quote creation time. In addition, Holcim’s team quickly adopted the implementation just a week and a half after go-live. The rapid increase in sales efficiency and automation was a win for everyone involved. 

If your company is on the edge of similar product and pricing transformation needs, Simplus can help. We have industry-specific experience, innovations, and certifications to advise and build a solution fit for you. Reach out to our team today. 

Read more about Holcim’s CPQ journey with Simplus at its side by clicking here.




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