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The High Tech Bolt for CPQ — exclusively from Simplus

May 23, 2019 | Admin, High-Tech, Latest News, Salesforce CPQ

Are you a high tech company who operates with an external channel sales or distribution network? Is it difficult for partners to create quotes and manage subscriptions? Would you like your Partner ecosystem to grow faster?

Simplus’ CPQ for High Tech Bolt empowers partners, distributors, and resellers to accelerate sales, manage contracts, and utilize self-service capabilities. These process improvements can reduce quoting time from days and weeks to just minutes. Here’s how:


How it works

The solution enables Simplus to offer its customers accelerated Salesforce CPQ implementations through pre-configured online community templates and drag-and-drop components for ease of use and rapid setup. Salesforce Bolt solutions are unique because they contain industry best practices, business logic, and Lightning Components that are all integrated seamlessly with Salesforce CRM, all of which contributes to the decreased time-to-value.


What your partners can do with it

From a command center view, channel partners can see current partner status and monitor quotes, contracts, and orders. They can quickly create new quotes, access important information, and view reports.

Leveraging the power of Salesforce CPQ, your channel partners are also able to manage quotes, configure complex products and nested product bundles, as well as oversee licenses—providing their end customers with accurate quotes the first time!

Subscription management is much easier with our custom Lightning components and intuitive flows. With the Bolt, partners can view current subscriptions and active contracts directly on their client’s account, helping them make proactive decisions on renewals and contract consolidation.

Channel partners can cancel subscriptions or perform substitutions with a guided interface, all within your business’s compliance requirements. The updated orders can be divided for easier provisioning and finance reconciliation.


Additional benefits

If your business offers rebates or promotions, you can easily create these programs with Simplus FastTrack modules. Rebate tiers can be created and automatically tied to quote lines for tracking, reporting, and management.

Finally, the custom Lightning template included in the Bolt allows for a drag-and-drop experience. Images, colors, fonts, and components are all customizable, ensuring the portal matches your corporate branding.


Empower your channel with a frictionless experience, reduced quoting time, and increased sales today, using the CPQ for High Tech Bolt—available only from Simplus.


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