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Healthcare’s guide to the Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release

Jul 16, 2022 | Healthcare

As more and more healthcare professionals realize the need for CRM to supplement their existing EHR/EMR systems, the innovations for industry-specific functionality in CRM improve drastically. Salesforce is a committed CRM provider for the healthcare and life sciences industry, and the latest Summer ‘22 release is yet another testament to the platform’s evergreen applicability for the industry.

The latest update to Salesforce includes four key areas of enhancement healthcare and life sciences organizations should note, including unified health scoring, care coordination for Slack, patient timeline enhancement, and intelligent sales enhancements.


Unified health scoring

The demand for more patient-centric care means understanding the whole health of patients is crucial for any healthcare provider. With unified health scoring, users can now view both clinical and non-clinical factors affecting a patient. This may include medical, social, behavioral, and demographic histories in one holistic profile view for care providers to make the most informed decisions for diagnoses, next steps, prescriptions, and treatment.

Applicable product: Health Cloud + the Add-On SKU


Care coordination for Slack

More patient-centric care also means improved quality of care on top of the holistic view. With care coordination integrated between Health Cloud and Slack, organizations can empower their care coordinators to reduce readmissions more swiftly and address patient concerns more quickly with all notes and approvals on care transitions in one place.

Applicable product: Health Cloud + Slack 


Patient timeline enhancement

For all Health Cloud users, Salesforce has done a major update to patient timeline management. Now users can more accurately evaluate patients with interactive tracking of past and future events on a patient’s medical history. This allows healthcare providers to understand present health more clearly and make more informed decisions on provisional diagnoses.

Applicable product: Health Cloud


Intelligent sales enhancements 

Finally, another update for all Health Cloud users is the changes to intelligent sales. Sales reps are now enabled to take more proactive actions regarding products in order to reduce product expirations and write-offs. Powered by additional visibility into the field inventory, sales can sell more accurately and dependably.

Applicable product: Health Cloud

To learn more about these enhancements and other ways Salesforce is perfect for healthcare organizations seeking a platform for reliable digital transformation, connect with Simplus. We’d love to have a discussion about your goals and vision for the future.


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