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Health Cloud Summer ’19 webinar: What you need to know

Jun 18, 2019 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, Latest News, Sales Cloud

The Health Cloud Spring ‘19 release is going to be a big one! There’s a long list of updates, changes, and new features that will make this the most powerful version of Health Cloud yet.

Recently, Salesforce held a webinar regarding the Spring ‘19 release. This 35-minute event included presentations from four wonderful speakers:

Kevin Stuck, Senior Director, Industry Partner Solutions

Rita Sharma, VP Product Management

Pamela Lauw, Senior Solution Engineer

Katrin Burton, Senior Director, Industry Cloud Alliances

This webinar included a year-end business review, a sneak peek of some new features planned for the Spring ‘19 release, some tips on how to use Health Cloud more effectively, and some details regarding features for the Summer ‘19 and Winter ‘19 releases. If you don’t have time to watch the full webinar, don’t worry! In this blog, we’re going to cover the most important details for you.


Year End Review—Kevin Stuck

Health Cloud exhibited incredible growth over the past year. It experienced 3x ACV growth from last year and now serves over 200 customers. Health Cloud currently enjoys a partner engagement rate of 85% for the enterprise sector and 65% for the commercial sector.

Health Could experienced great acclaim from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, with HIMStalk declaring Salesforce as HIMSS’ most interesting product. All in all, this means that Health Cloud enjoyed great success over the past year, and all signs point to the continuation of this growth.


Spring ‘19 Release Roadmap—Rita Sharma

Health Cloud is continuing to innovate around three core themes: Health Consumer 360, Health Consumer Experience, and Business Acceleration. Health Consumer 360 means covering all aspects of consumer health care in one package.


Health Consumer 360

Health Consumer 360 means covering all aspects of consumer health care in one package. Recently, the main focus of research in this area has been the social determinants of health – that is, the social factors, often seemingly unrelated, that affect health. Salesforce has been hard at work, collecting data to paint a complete picture of social determinants.

The Health Cloud Spring ‘19 release will remove several barriers between customers and their health care. Industry standard code sets, including ICD, CPT, and HCPCS, will allow for quicker, easier access to data, particularly codified data.


Health Consumer Experience

A template was revealed for the Health Cloud App, which is a mobile app for health consumer engagement. This app will give consumers convenient access to all of their health care services. It will also include referral management and built-in analytics. Additionally, any action can be paused and resumed – even across multiple devices!

Surveys will now support delegation, which makes it easier to perform health care actions on behalf of others. Better multi-language support will also be offered.


Business Acceleration

Lightning Scheduler, a new tool designed to help consumers schedule appointments with the proper individuals quickly and efficiently, will help facilitate better member and patient engagement. Being native to Salesforce, it will integrate smoothly into existing workflows, and it provides analytics and smart reports.

Marketing Cloud and Health Cloud are being integrated, allowing for personalized campaigns and journeys at scale. The marriage of these two services will grant a new level of freedom and versatility for users.


Upcoming Features

Looking forward to the Summer ‘19 and Winter ‘19 releases, we can expect a wide range of useful features and improvements to Health Cloud. For the summer release, look forward to the following:

– ANSI 278 business API

– Care Program data model and community component

– Care Program enrollment API and flow

– Provider data model

– Provider create/update business API

– HLS payer\provider analytics dashboards

When winter rolls around, we’ll be able to enjoy the following:

– FHIR and other business API’s

– Mulesoft integration adapters and templates

– Digital health technology integration, such as Apple, Jawbone, etc.

– Provider relation management

– Utilization management flows


Overview Demo—Pamela Lauw

The demo demonstrates just how useful and intuitive these new features are. In this demo, we followed a hypothetical consumer through all of the features of the new release. It’s clear from the demo that the new features aren’t only useful – they’re well-built, fully-functional, and secure.

The engineers have worked hard to develop tools that will improve the experience for users on both ends. If you’d like to see the new tools in action, we recommend that you watch the webinar.


Call to Action—Katrin Burton

To finish off the webinar, we’re reminded that users can join the Health Could Experts Chatter Group, and that Health Cloud offers regular office hours. These resources are excellent tools for Health Cloud users of all experience levels.

The Health Cloud Trailhead Trail Mix is an excellent way to learn about all of the features available to users. This tool offers users the chance to follow existing trails and learn from others’ experience.

Similarly, Health Cloud Virtual Academy, found in Health Cloud Learning Path, is available to all partners. These seven sessions can teach partners how to get the most out of Health Cloud. To close, viewers are encouraged to share their success stories. An extended Q&A session followed.


In short, it’s a great time to be a user of Health Cloud! If you’re already using Health Cloud, you can look forward to increased functionality and ease of use. If you have yet to become a user, there’s never been a better time.

Reach out to Simplus today for help getting started or to learn more about our Lightning Bolt solutions—a health and life sciences-focused bolt will be out soon, exclusively from Simplus!



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