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4 ways Health Cloud will enhance your electronic records system

Mar 18, 2019 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Electronic health records (EHRs) at one point represented the gold standard for managing patient data and the patient experience. But by today’s standards, EHRs feel clunky and outdated. Significant advances in cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software have laid bare the shortcomings of EHRs. In fact, EHRs were designed as transaction-based systems of record and were not designed for patient engagement. Thus, EHRs provide comparatively few insights into who a patient is, what services they need, the best way to communicate with your patients, and how to provide them with the services they need.

Salesforce Health Cloud, the game-changing cloud offering from the world’s CRM leader, is designed to complement and enhance your EHRs. In essence, Health Cloud turbocharges your EHRs, converting your records database from a black box to a treasure trove of CRM insights. Let’s explore four key ways your business will be able to use Salesforce Health Cloud to complement and enhance your EHRs:


1. Put patient care first: EHRs were designed to solve a long-standing pain point for administrators of healthcare facilities: the cumbersome task of capturing charges accurately and rapidly so invoices can be generated and payers billed. In fact, one of the main reasons EHRs have been embraced wholeheartedly is that they made it more cost-effective and efficient to manage finances. By contrast, Salesforce Health Cloud is entirely about improving patient care; billing functions are secondary. By taking the best features from Salesforce’s CRM software and supplying data from EHRs, Health Cloud ensures…



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  1. Warren Mak

    Very insightful and true. I especially like 2. We have so much data on patients, making it actionable is key.

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