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Guide to Salesforce Summer ‘22 for communications and media

Jul 20, 2022 | Admin, Latest News, Media and Communications

Communications and media are some of the most competitive industries out there, especially as customer needs become increasingly remote, virtual, or hybrid for work and play. Businesses in this space are always looking for ways to stay close to their customers and respond swiftly to changing sentiments and desires. Whatever can be done internally to ease customer touchpoints and create a more seamless experience externally, the better. 

And that’s exactly what the Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release is geared toward: simpler processes. The latest update to Salesforce includes four key areas of enhancement that communications and media organizations should note, including CRM Analytics for communications, document generation, mobile subscription management, and advertising sales management. 


CRM Analytics for Communications Cloud

The newly improved analytics functionality for Communications Cloud gives users more insightful dashboards with real-time monitoring of the order fulfillment process. This means disruptions can be detected faster and fallout can be addressed proactively—before it even happens. Fulfillment times, fallout rates, and canceled orders can all be tracked and improved more seamlessly with this update. 

Applicable product: CRM Analytics for Communications + Communications Cloud


Document generation enhancements

With the latest document generation enhancements in Communications Cloud, users can insert images, hyperlinks, and rich text dynamically with new support for “tokens” in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. These templates are enabled to merge seamlessly with your document generation draft and ultimately generate the needed DOCX or PDF outputs with even more engaging features. 

Applicable product: Communications Cloud


Mobile subscription management enhancements

A final update to Communications Cloud brings accelerated time-to-market to the forefront with a guided, catalog-driven design for your self-service portal. This includes multi-play asset support and enhances the end-to-end buying experience for self-service shoppers.

Applicable product: Communications Cloud


Advertising sales management

Finally, this enhancement is specifically designed for Media Cloud users: advertising sales management. With the newest updates, business leaders can get the most out of their ad sales with a self-service portal designed with guided campaign creation, execution, and analytics at every step. This means publishers can generate ad revenue more quickly as they seamlessly pivot to advertisers, brands, or other agencies with a self-service portal that allows them to deliver and approve dynamic campaigns with your company easily. 

Applicable product: Media Cloud


To learn more about these enhancements and other ways Salesforce is perfect for media and communications organizations seeking a platform for reliable digital transformation, connect with Simplus. We’d love to have a discussion about your goals and vision for the future. 




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