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Getting the most out of your consulting services

Jun 29, 2018 | Admin, Implementation Services, Latest News

Are you about to implement a new computing system? Congratulations! An updated system is certain to improve efficiency in your workplace. But with this new endeavor comes loads of questions, and that is where trusted expertise comes in handy. Gathering advice from people who know the industry, the process, and what you are trying to accomplish is an essential step for any purchase. That is why it’s important to first find a reliable consultant. And then second, prepare yourself for the initial stages of implementation.

Any consultant will tell you that the more prepared a customer, the better the process. These five tips will ensure a win-win relationship with your consultant when embarking on your journey to implementation.


1. Be specific about challenges and goals.

One of the first questions an agent will ask is, “What solutions are you hoping to solve with a new computing system? Before you meet with a consultant, gather members of your team to discuss the current challenges each department faces and what solutions will help each team run more efficiently. Then, when it’s time to meet with your services agent, he or she can present options that cater specifically to your company’s challenges.


2. Be honest about budget.

Let’s face it. There is little that Salesforce can’t do. From upgrading your entire sales delivery system to starting the coffee maker in the morning, Salesforce has an app or platform for just about everything. But it’s up to you to decide how much you can spend on new technology.


3. Understand the process.

You’re anxious for this upgrade—it’s understandable. And the folks at Simplus are thrilled at the opportunity to help. But there is a unique method for implementing a new computing system, and it requires time. “Projects fail because of missed expectations,” says Salesforce writer Don Fernando. “You have to work backwards from your end deliverable in order to have a successful project.” Fernando suggests writing down the details of each phase and what they will include, with boundaries around what will be delivered. This should help the customer get a clear idea of the time schedule and the process.  “In order for your scope to be accurate and precise, you as the customer need to be involved in the process,” says Fernando.


4. Be open to new ideas.

You are the expert at your job, which is why your input is so important when implementing a new system. But sometimes the solution you feel is best may be solved with options you didn’t know were possible. For example, when the people at WebDam approached Simplus, they had self-implemented Salesforce CPQ, but they wanted to enhance and better utilize those CPQ features, particularly for creating a consistent brand in quote documents, etc.

Using a mixture of available CPQ options and custom configuration, Simplus was able to create the branded quote documents requested by WebDam. These new documents match corporate-approved branding, while still maintaining future usability.

At Simplus, we have worked with thousands of clients who often experience similar challenges. By being open to new ideas and options, your company will fully utilize the benefits of a new computing system.


5. Ask questions now and later.

Questions often lead to better solutions, so don’t hesitate to talk with a consultant and ask questions about the process. Keep in mind that when the implementation is complete it’s up to you to fully utilize this new computing system, and that leads to plenty of questions. One thing that sets Simplus apart from other service providers is that while the implementation may be complete, the relationship never ends—we provide post-implementation resources, training, and support. Ultimately, a consultant wants customers to be happy with the product, so when questions come up about certain features, don’t hesitate to ask.


Implementing a new computer system can be an exciting time. For one, it means your company is growing and needs to respond to the expanding demands, and that’s a good thing. But what makes your new software even better is the service that comes along with it. By taking steps to build a relationship with your sales consultant, you will gain the most benefits out of a new computer system, and make friends with a supportive team along the way.


So call us! We can help. We are Simplus—success simplified.


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