“This was a fantastic implementation of
the Salesforce CPQ (Steelbrick) system.”

Afshin Bahrami | Webdam

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At a Glance

After self-implementing Salesforce CPQ, Webdam contracted Simplus to enhance and utilize advanced CPQ features. Simplus was able to assist with custom branded documents, data insight and process enhancements.

Services Provided
  • Consulting
  • Custom Development

Getting the Most out of CPQ

Webdam was in the process of a brand overhaul. That redesign required that the quote documents match the new design. As an organization with many sophisticated marketing clients, brand management was crucial.

The Webdam sales team used Word documents to create each quote manually. This process caused issues when math was done incorrectly. This process was also a substantial time investment for the sales team.

In addition, the renewal process had to be handled manually. This process was time-consuming and took valuable time away from the customer service team.

This was a fantastic implementation of the Salesforce CPQ (Steelbrick) system. Using CPQ was a huge process change for us and I expect our team to easily spend 50% less time in Salesforce because of the product Simplus has built.

Afshin Bahrami, Sales Operations Analyst

The Outcome

Using a mixture of available CPQ options and custom configuration, Simplus was able to create the branded quote documents requested by Webdam. These new documents match corporate-approved branding, while still maintaining future usability.

Using the standard capabilities of Salesforce CPQ, Simplus was able to leverage rules and restrictions to ensure that quotes are reviewed. This replaced the previous manual process, which was time consuming and prone to errors.

Due to the manual processes, Webdam lacked insight into their sales. Simplus created custom fields to summarize data and roll up to the account level. This provided management with a view into ARR and other key data.

We look forward to continue working with Simplus and aim to make Salesforce our one source of truth and single point of entry.

Afshin Bahrami, Sales Operations Analyst

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