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Free data loader tools for Salesforce

Oct 3, 2014 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

One of the best things about Salesforce is the various different tools that go along with it. Here are a few examples of recent effective data loader tools that are free to use.


Jitterbit is a free cloud data loader that lets you import and export Salesforce flat files, databases and data. This includes quite a few automation features as well. The tool works through a wizard, and it also has a drag and drop feature to it.

You can use flat files, or any ODBC or JDBC database. It works with absolutely any edition of Salesforce. The data loader lets you cut the amount of time it takes to get data back and forth between your databases and Salesforce program.

The loader lets you automate all of these tasks so as an administrator you can put your efforts elsewhere. It has a “set and forget” approach to data transfer. Jittrbit works through the Harmony Cloud integration platform. It has options including the ability to insert, create, delete, upsert, query, hard delete and do bulk loads.


Another native data loader program that is completely free to use is Configero. It has a variety of new features as well such as External ID support. This tool makes inserting and deleting Salesforce data much faster and easier.

It has the ability to handle mass editing and integrated error handling procedures too. Obviously there’s a native Salesforce data loader, but it doesn’t have the ID mapping available externally, and it won’t do integrated error-handling either.

Configero lets you see data before it’s actually loaded by displaying it during the mapping step with new special grid technology.

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