Infosys ranked a strong performer for Salesforce consulting

Simplus’ parent company, Infosys, was recently ranked in the latest Forrester Wave report for Salesforce consulting partners as #5, a strong performer with a global presence. With this recognition, Infosys is now considered peers with the world’s largest consulting groups. All of us at Simplus are thrilled at this accomplishment and proud to share in the daily work that has made it possible.

The complete report, Forrester Wave on Salesforce Consulting Partners 2021 (LINK), describes Infosys as a stand-out selection for Salesforce delivery and technical work across systems integration. Of particular note in the report were Infosys’ hybrid delivery model and recent acquisitions, including Fluido and Simplus, that have boosted the Salesforce practice tremendously.

The global Infosys Salesforce practice has a wide wealth of consulting experience, certifications, pre-built solutions and tools, vertical accelerators, and more to boost Salesforce implementations. Our award-winning managed services and advisory teams complete the entire lifecycle of Salesforce services clients across all industries require. Our delivery model was analyzed extensively by Forrester and proved itself to be among the very best for enterprise, midsize, and small companies.

The entire team at Simplus is excited to share the news of this accomplishment and continue building out our Salesforce expertise for ongoing and new clients.

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