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Forbes: Three Ways Cloud Solutions Can Benefit Your Workplace

Jun 21, 2018 | Admin, Latest News, Remote Work Page 2, Sales Cloud

Cloud solutions are essential in today’s business environment to maintain a competitive edge and digitally transform your organization—that’s the obvious part. But there are more benefits to cloud solutions that are not as talked about: workplace collaboration. Simplus CEO Ryan Westwood discusses just that in his article, Three Ways Cloud Solutions Can Benefit Your Workplace Collaboration, recently featured on Forbes.

Take a look at the three ways cloud collaboration benefits your organization below! Then, read more about them and other tips on fostering an amazing workplace culture on Ryan’s Forbes profile.


1. Cloud data providers excel in organizing and indexing data.

“No matter how much time your company’s IT team spends to improve file management, there’s little chance your company can design anything as sophisticated and powerful as what third-party cloud data providers have already built,” says Westwood.


2. Employees work best when they’re not restricted by geography and access issues.

“It no longer makes sense for organizations to rely on internal servers and networks, which serve only to create barriers between employees and their work,” says Westwood. “Cloud solutions don’t put artificial restrictions on how off-site employees access their work.”


3. Customers are better served by employees who can communicate easily.

“Cloud solutions give every employee equal access to real-time information on sales, projects, business intelligence, and so forth,” says Westwood. “Cloud solutions also make it easy for employees to communicate with one another to dramatically improve how work gets done.”


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