Forbes: Gilles Muys on moving forward with technology

Gilles Muys, Simplus VP of Customer Solutions and our go-to Quote-to-Cash expert, was again featured on Forbes for his latest article: Moving toward a new normal with technology transformations. Businesses in every sector are still figuring out how to adapt in light of significant corporate changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gilles has taken the time to share three key ways technology transformations can be at the forefront of that business-wide adjustment. We’ve compiled some quotes to give you a sneak peek below, or you can read the full article on Forbes here.


1. Social Distancing

“Flexible schedules were on the upward trend even before the COVID-19 crisis, with experts estimating that almost half (44%) of today’s workforce had transitioned to a remote work environment over the last five years. The need for automation that enables employees to access data anytime and from anywhere has gained exposure over the past few months and has boosted cloud computing use across the board.” —Gilles Muys


2. Billing Agility

“These no-touch billing capabilities mean the customer’s invoice is automatically matched against a supporting document, such as a purchase order or contract, and sent for payment with no need for physical, manual handling. The advantages? Shorter lead time for customers and less data entry for your sales and finance teams.” —Gilles Muys


3. The Customer Remains King

“With the recent changes in global commerce, customers, particularly those who purchase digital products or subscription-based services, have come to appreciate self-service options. And with customized self-service features such as those that include CPQ, your customer’s experience will be an effortless process providing access to order information or customer support when they want it.” —Gilles Muys


Read more on anything and everything Salesforce CPQ from Gilles by following him on Forbes or reading more from the Simplus blog. Just search “Gilles Muys”

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