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Forbes: Why Your Finance Team Should Be Intimately Involved In Your Cloud Technology Project

Nov 28, 2018 | Admin, Advisory Services, Latest News

Simplus’ very own VP of Customer Solutions, Gilles Muys, has begun a series as part of the Forbes Technology Council. His first piece covers the merits of cloud technology projects and why finance teams need to be an integral part of any cloud initiative! Drawing on his extensive experience as a CFO and executive, Gilles outlines five key reasons to get finance on board from the very start with cloud projects. Check out the highlights below, or read the entire article here!


1. It’s A Business Project, Not An IT Project

“While IT is capable of leading a cloud technology project, you don’t want to let your IT folks completely run the show. The parts that IT does best — the technical aspects — are only a small part of everything you need to do.” — Gilles Muys


2. It Will Change How Your Finance Team Operates

“As other departments start opening up their records via the cloud, it changes expectations across the organization. As others begin to embrace this transparent and collaborative culture, the finance team recognizes that sharing its data is essential to unlocking the full potential of cloud computing.” — Gilles Muys


3. Integration With Traditional ERP Systems

“Fortunately, finance teams don’t need to give up legacy ERP systems when migrating to the cloud. Cloud technology integrates with ERP systems to create a single source of truth for financial data and to eliminate duplication.” — Gilles Muys


4. Regulatory Compliance

“Cloud technology solutions come pre-built with tools and best-practices workflows for streamlining and staying on top of these obligations. Furthermore, the developers of cloud-based platforms must adhere to strict International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards that ensure data security.” — Gilles Muys


5. Scalability Needs

“The underlying challenge is that traditional accounting software and on-premise data storage do not scale effectively. By contrast, cloud-based platforms are fully scalable, and you can easily acquire more storage space when needed.” — Gilles Muys


Keep watching for more from Gilles on the Forbes Technology Council!


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