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Fixing common CRM frustrations with (simple) Simplus solutions

Jan 31, 2018 | Admin, Financial Services, Implementation Services, Latest News

Any business in the business of pleasing customers knows a thing or two about customer relationship management (CRM). And those businesses should also know that the realm of satisfying customers is constantly in flux — processes have to adapt in response to a constant barrage of changes. Yet many of those same businesses adopt CRM software, a seemingly stationary solution to dynamic problems. Looking on, CRM software seems to be a fad. After all, research shows that the common complaints about CRM systems are low employee adoption, coinciding management changes, and failure to deliver all the needed functions of the business. Doesn’t sound like a true solution to a problem, does it?

Conversely, there are just as many (if not more) studies reporting huge successes from CRM software. CRM solutions have shown to increase sales by 29% and sales accuracy forecast by 42%. Additionally, 47% of CRM users link their CRM solution to improved customer retention and satisfaction. And the ROI on CRM is estimated at $8.71 for every dollar put into it.

So, what’s the truth about CRM? The simple answer is that the product is as good as your leaders make it. But expert implementation and advisory services don’t hurt, either. That’s where Simplus comes in. We specialize in planning for universal adoption at the start, providing comprehensive training for leaders, and customizing each CRM solution to solve your specific business problems.


Planning for universal adoption

If a CRM solution isn’t built with the users in mind, it shouldn’t have been built to begin with. Simplus makes sure to take the time to ask the right questions before implementing CRM to your business: Who will be using it? What are the needs and wishes of those users? Are the users in one location or globally spread? How adaptable are the users? Who is the leader of the users and who has influence over them? Since a cloud-based CRM means all the users will be working with the same information at the same time, it’s vital to understand the user’s needs from the start. Analyzing these questions and catering the CRM solution to satisfy the answers to these questions is how Simplus begins each project.

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Providing comprehensive training

Of course, adoption isn’t very likely if the higher-ups don’t know how to use the CRM software. As an Authorized Training Reseller of Salesforce Trailhead, Simplus is highly experienced and equipped to educate its clients about all things Salesforce. We provide training opportunities for anyone interested, and we highly recommend admins get Salesforce certified. Getting your team to go through training ensures that even with management changes, the CRM knowledge stays in the company and can be passed down with future onboarding as well. We specialize in scalable, maintainable solutions that grow with your business.

“Not only did [Simplus] help us develop a plan, but took the time to teach us how to maintain and build on that plan in the future.”     — Greg Larsen, Lightspeed


Customizing each CRM solution

CRM can help your business accomplish many things, from comparing projections and managing client metrics to tracking social media leads and responding to customer needs in a real-time feed. But your business may not need all of these capabilities, or it may want to really focus on some functions over others, or it could just need a complex configuration of one function. Each company is different, and Simplus knows that.  When implementing your company’s Salesforce CRM, we tailor every field to fit what your team requires. For example, with Crest Financial, we created separate roles, profiles, and permission settings to make sure info was usable but secure, just how Crest Financial needed it.


On the outset, CRM software may seem to bring on more troubles than it’s worth. But when done right, CRM solutions bring companies greater revenue, increased customer satisfaction, and clearer processes. Simplus makes this happen by planning for adoption, providing training, and customizing each CRM solution. You already made one great choice by picking Salesforce, the #1 CRM provider. When you implement with Simplus, the #1 QTC leader, you make another.


CRM solutions are ready and waiting for you today. Find out how a Simplus implementation of Sales Cloud can transform your business here.


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