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Meet Eric Hoftiezer — Simplus’ April Employee Feature

We’re excited to share our latest employee feature: Eric Hoftiezer! Eric joined Simplus towards the end of 2020, and he has quickly made impressive strides. Eric’s CPQ knowledge and previous experiences are invaluable in helping us simplify our clients’ complex quote-to-cash problems. On top of that, Eric is also a wiz at automation games and sci-fi. Keep reading to learn more about Eric!


What do you do at Simplus?

Whatever needs to be done! I’m currently working on a large project and leading most interactions with the client and leading our team of developers. I consider myself a CPQ developer that works with Salesforce, soon to be a Salesforce CPQ Developer, and soon after that a Salesforce CPQ Architect!


What are some achievements of which you are most proud? Both professionally and personally.

I pride myself on being able to figure out technical problems. I love a good puzzle and developing software is a series of multiple puzzles. Previously I developed an Electron application and had to learn to code in Javascript and what “Electron” even was, but I figured it out and solved that problem!


What are your hobbies?

Videogames and SciFi shows take up a big part of my free time. Recently binging The 100 while playing Classic WoW with some friends. I love automation games (RimWorld, Satisfactory, Factorio), and I’ve seen nearly every Star Trek show (except for the new ones).


Why do you like working at Simplus?

The people have all been great to work with, there’s a great community of being nice and giving back.


Tell us a little bit about your professional background.

I started out at a small company (with a surprising number of alumni at Simplus) called BigMachines. BigMachines taught me a ton of valuable CPQ knowledge, but also that work could be fun and productive at the same time. After BigMachines was purchased by Oracle, I started consulting for SAP CPQ and eventually decided that Salesforce CPQ (and Simplus) were superior. I like to think I have a mix of a lot of skills, from development to customer relationships.


What do you feel are your greatest contributions that help make Simpus the best consulting firm?

I’m relatively new so I’m still figuring out how things work, but I’ve already modified the project start-up process to include a group email address that forwards to everyone on the team, making it easier for the client to email the relevant people and for our employees to have access to all customer correspondence. Communication is key!


If you are playing Two Truths and a Lie, what answers stump people every time?

I once broke my knee in a sumo wrestling contest. The worst part was all the “took an arrow to the knee” jokes I got!


Congratulations, Eric! Thanks for your invaluable contributions to the Simplus family.

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