The Definitive QTC Guide Sneak Peek: CPQ

The first chapter of the Definitive Quote-to-Cash Guide is all about CPQ—configure, price, quote. If you haven’t heard of CPQ before, you may already be behind—83 percent of companies surveyed in 2015 were already using tools for CPQ and Salesforce estimated 20 percent annual growth for CPQ through 2020 at least. Increasingly popular for professionals in every industry, CPQ is becoming an enterprise must. 

If you’re looking to get started with CPQ or optimize your existing system, take a look at this sneak peek of Gilles’ first chapter:


1. Configuration

“Configuration is the process of first understanding and then packaging your products and services in order to sell them together so that they represent an effective solution to address your end customer’s requests and needs.” —Gilles Muys 


2. Pricing

“Though vital to your processes, pricing has the potential to include complex calculations. While pricing methods vary, all can benefit from a consistent rhyme and reason, which can be enforced and strengthened by automation. Human beings tend to be very creative in determining how a “special price” can help us close a deal, but at the end of the day, most pricing approaches follow a core set of models.” —Gilles Muys


3. Quote

“Quote presentment is usually the easiest aspect of CPQ. It can be broken down into four steps: approval, document generation, client acceptance, and (by extension of acquiring a new client) amendments and renewals.” —Gilles Muys



Gilles delves deeper into all the considerations each step of CPQ requires your organization to take a look at. Keep reading with your own copy of the complete book  here on Amazon.


Gilles MuysGilles Muys is VP of Customer Solutions at Simplus and an experienced executive. He knows CPQ across various industries, has extensive startup experience, and was one of the first three SteelBrick employees. Gilles is the only Salesforce CPQ Black Belt in the world.

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