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4 must-know advantages to using custom Heroku apps

Apr 2, 2021 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Apps—the omnipresent craze of the past decade and many years to come. But there’s a reason for that. They’ve helpful, accessible, and (done right) extremely user-friendly. They drive engagement and loyalty from users. That’s why more and more customers are expecting their experiences with brands and organizations—across public and private sectors, across every industry and regional geography—to have a corresponding app. And that’s why there were 204 billion app downloads in 2019 alone, with many users clocking time on their apps at least 11 times a day. Whether it’s for checking on an order and shopping or updating a personal user profile and uploading requested documentation, apps are increasingly more of a given expectation than a nice-to-have extra. 

Fortunately, there is an app for making the apps, and it works seamlessly with your organization’s already existing Salesforce setup: Heroku. Heroku provides the interface and functionality necessary to create apps and drive better relationships with those apps using powerful Salesforce data insights. You won’t just have the ability to make an app for your organization, but you’ll have the tools you need to make the perfect app for your particular needs without getting buried in technical code. From developer features and collaboration to integration and compliance, Heroku covers it all.

Here are four key capabilities Heroku empowers your organization with so you can get on the frontlines of user engagement through apps. 


Utilize a seamless developer experience on Heroku

Creating and managing apps for developer teams is an easy, headache-free process using Heroku. Heroku comes with the pre-built dashboard and metrics needed to manage databases and track insights from app usage. You can also clon code and deploy apps with a single click using the Heroku Button. 

You can see a demonstration and learn more about how intuitive the developer features behind Heroku are with this webinar showcasing Lamborghini’s experience from Salesforce. 


Discover creative app collaboration capabilities

Control over the app creation process has never been easier. Heroku allows you to collaborate with executive sponsors, developers, and more on app coding and functionality. You can manage each team involved in creating an app, request feedback when needed, and keep the app progression moving forward. Heroku Teams allows groups to collaborate in a shared app workspace, and the Elements Marketplace—a feature of Heroku—provides all the extra those teams may need to create engaging apps for your users. Best of all, this is all done with continuous delivery workflows, meaning more work gets done faster without sacrificing quality. 


Integrate Heroku with Salesforce data for more dynamic end products

Crucial to the success of your organization’s app is data. You’ve already leveraged Salesforce for the internal insights and tracking of that data, but with Heroku, you can also extend that data to build powerful, dynamic apps for end users. Heroku can single-handedly manage the necessary dashboards, pipelines, and integration to Salesforce to give customers what they want: the data-driven approach. Data backing your app development means each user’s app experience can be tailored and personal, driving further engagement and loyalty. The point-and-click interface of Heroku makes connecting data from Salesforce to Heroku intuitive and simple. 


Relax knowing corporate compliances are in order

In that same breath… When you start using data, you start to stress about compliance. Heroku’s taken that into account, too. Heroku ensures your apps and the data they use comply with multiple corporate regulations, including PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and SOC. Heroku Shield lets you enhance each app with additional security features that protect both you and your end users. Private Spaces from Heroku also gives you the peace of mind from knowing your work is done within a private and controlled network. 


There’s an app for this and an app for that—but is there an app for your organization? If not, there soon can be by simply taking advantage of the Heroku offering right inside your Salesforce setup. Reach out to Simplus today for help getting started!


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