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Creating killer Salesforce landing pages

Nov 26, 2014 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

One of the most important parts of your marketing efforts is going to be your landing page. Many studies indicate that the shape of your landing page has a huge effect on how many of your visitors you can convert into customers. Here are a few tips and tricks for making better Salesforce landing pages.

Use eTrigue Demand Center for Regular Landing Pages

If you want some help with launching various parts of your marketing campaigns including the landing pages, eTrigue is one tool you can use. It lets you get lead alerts in real-time, and it has unlimited support, although there is a fee for using the service.  The tool helps you automate landing page tracking information as well.

Try AcroMobile Lite for Mobile Landing Pages

This tool lets you make landing pages for products, promotion, events or anything else you want straight from your Salesforce account. The tool is free to use and it works through mobile devices. You can create QR code promotions and short URLs for your landing page that makes getting to the page from mobile devices easier.

You can also create mobile specific landing pages for a video or blog you’ve made as well. Acromobile makes it easier to focus on the result you want, such as a call to action or a redirect to another page based on the particular situation. There’s also analytics that come with the tool so you can analyze the behavior of your customers as they interact with your landing page.

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