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We’ve created a new Solution Services team!

May 9, 2018 | Admin, Latest News, Press Release

We’re excited to announce our Solution Services team, a new department dedicated to helping customers find innovative solutions to complex business problems. Solution Services is perfect for companies with unique business challenges who may need more than simple out-of-the-box implementations.

Our Solution Services is comprised of Yaron Wilf, managing director; Erich Rusch, director; Randy West, CPQ director; and Carolyn Adams, practice manager. The team has expertise in Service Cloud, CPQ, Sales Cloud, Field Service Lightning, and Community Cloud. The team has the expertise to identify problems and design personalized solutions to ensure every client can maximize Salesforce to achieve digital transformation.

“Solution Services provides an experienced and critical eye to clients and how they engage with their customers across the business. We develop innovative solutions that increase customer loyalty and maximize the value businesses get out of Salesforce,” says Solution Services managing director, Yaron Wilf.  

The team’s deep industry and domain expertise is aimed at business outcomes, not just configuration. This means the team gets involved early on in the process and dives deep to understand pain points, short-term and long-term goals, technical challenges, and other obstacles that require special attention. From that initial activity, the Solution Services team can then develop a complete transformational strategy that leverages Salesforce to meet desired outcomes. This is all done in conjunction with the Delivery team to be efficient and timely for our customers.

We are thrilled with the addition of this new service and the innovative solutions across the entire business it will drive. Solution Services is the perfect answer for customers looking to further realize the full value of their Salesforce investment.

Check out our Solution Services page to meet the team and learn more!


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