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Create departmental synergy and optimize workflow through cloud integration

Nov 10, 2014 | Admin, Data Integration, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Departments across your organization are looking for new ways to gain sales-ready leads, create lasting relationships with clients, and generate predictable revenue. As SaaS applications for sales, project management, and marketing multiply, more and more relevant customer data sits in the cloud, but on separate disjointed systems. This leaves departments increasingly siloed, unable to collaborate and share insights that should inform strategy.

Optimizing workflow through cloud integration is a step in the right direction for many organizations. Integrating cloud products for marketing, sales, and project management teams creates interdepartmental synergy. Relevant KPIs and metrics are made accessible to necessary stakeholders by syncing this data across systems. Key decision makers benefit from timely insights which empower department heads to optimize customer interactions, make processes more efficient and capitalize on others’ insights when developing processes for their teams.

Additionally, individual stakeholders within an organization benefit from insights into detailed accounts of a customer’s history. Customer service representatives can see who executed a post-sale implementation so they know who to contact. Project managers can coordinate with sales to make sure technical specs are aligned with customer needs. Centralizing this data through integration makes processes more fluid, transparent and efficient for all stakeholders.

Rather than forcing your sales and marketing teams to check multiple services, a cloud integrator can get ERP, CRM, project management tools, and other systems to “talk” to each other so that a clear profile of customer needs and behavior emerges.

If you struggle with inefficient workflows or a lack of synergy and communication among departments due to incompatible systems, contact us for an initial consultation.


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