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The true cost of Salesforce integration in high-tech: #4 The cost of true training

Mar 25, 2019 | Admin, High-Tech, Latest News, Sales Cloud, Training

According to a 2016 Forrester survey, 38 percent of business professionals encountered problems while implementing CRM technology due to “slow user adoption, inadequate attention paid to change management and training, and difficulties in aligning the organizational culture with new ways of working.” Even if the technical implementation goes perfectly, your success will be limited if you ignore the human element of your business.

“It doesn’t matter how great your Salesforce solution is if users don’t—or won’t—use it,” says Jean-Baptiste Minchelli, Senior Director of product management, lightning enablement, and adoption at Salesforce. “It’s not enough to just give your team a great app, you also need to train, support, and give them a sound reason to adopt it. In other words, you need to plan your rollout strategy just as carefully as you planned design, development, and testing.”

In this article, let’s explore what training will cost you in terms of user enablement and onboarding, time, and culture.


User enablement and onboarding

Ideally, new technology should make internal processes faster and easier. However, while technology adoption has risen, general user productivity has leveled out. This isn’t the technology’s fault, though: it’s user engagement. Users simply aren’t using the technology made available to them. A 2015 survey by Knoa Software found that only 8.4 percent of enterprise software errors were “system-related,” while 91.6 percent were “related to the user, design or process.”

This is one core reason that user enablement and onboarding are so crucial to a successful Salesforce implementation and integration. You must…



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