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Copying data with tools on Salesforce

There are often times where you need to move around data working within Salesforce. Here are a few tools that can help you with copying, cloning an editing.

Super Clone

This tool is free to use and it gives you three different ways to edit, copy and clone the records of objects including the lists that go with them. As an administrator, you can use the tool to clone each record in exactly the configuration that you choose.

For example, the clone option lets you create a new record based on the configuration you set. The editing option allows you to go through maintenance on an object as well as any records connected to that object. The copy option lets you copy all records connected to an object.


This powerful tool has a large onetime cost associated with it, but it allows you to copy all table structures and data in a number of different ways. For example, you can copy it to an SQL Server, or to MySQL, or to H3, or a number of other options. You can make it so the data is copied every five minutes or so. The tool also has cross platform ability since you can run it in Windows, Linux or Mac.

The tool allows you to keep a copy of all the data you have for Salesforce right on your company’s computers. The tool even lets you copy and retrieve deleted data through Salesforce if this is what you want.

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