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3 ways to put contact center data to use with digitization

May 27, 2021 | Admin, Data Integration, Latest News, Service Cloud

Digitized customer service centers are stepping in and taking the place of old-school contact centers. The key to making this fundamental change? Data. While company size and number of contact center locations vary widely, the average enterprise is producing anywhere between 15,000 and 20,000 hours of customer interactions every day. That’s a wealth of (often untapped) customer data. Companies that thoroughly mine that data with AI tools for further research and strategy are the companies not only impressing their clientele but also beating out their competitors. 

We wanted to take a moment and look at three key ways you can start to enable your contact center to deliver powerful results using customer insights like never before through AI, automation, customer feedback, and agent performance metrics. 


Insights led by AI and automation

The first key underlying all other contact center success strategies is purposeful AI/automation. A recent Salesforce report showed that 71 percent of service decision-makers say that they’re accelerating automation initiatives. Contact centers that leverage AI and automation across all customer service touchpoints have dramatically streamlined operations providing an increased ability to give customers the fast, relevant, omnichannel experience they’re looking for. 

The digitized agent enablement capabilities empower reps to solve cases and answer queries effectively over multiple channels: chat, phone, SMS, etc. Customer data from previous interactions, service contracts, and profiles give AI the information it needs to get smarter and more powerful over time. Once your call center is led by AI and you’ve got your agents trained on and trusting in AI’s capabilities, you’ll quickly collect a wealth of insights you can leverage even further throughout the organization.


Improved customer experience

A powerful area where you can harvest digitized data at the contact center is customer feedback. Whether it’s CSAT, NPS, or other comments, customer sentiments can be smartly gathered, organized, and integrated into reporting dashboards for other teams to use. Not only can customer service improve based on these metrics, but R&D and marketing departments can glean actionable insights from this data to improve the company’s overall customer experience. Building a digital customer experience starts here. Learn more about how Infosys transformed a multinational contact center’s operations to drive these kinds of insights. 


Improved agent performance

Finally, a digitized contact center gives greater insight into agent performance. You can generate interaction value scores, average resolution times, and much more, helping you to optimally schedule and support your reps for success. Data insights can also reveal gaps in knowledge that need to be further addressed in training for more consistent customer service. You can even take a look into agent performance stats in real-time and on mobile devices, giving you the flexibility to intervene during critical situations and positively resolve cases in just one try. 


Simplus is equipped with the consultant expertise, data migration experience, and support of key partners to help your company digitally transform contact center operations. We can help your company integrate data in the contact center with AI and automation tools, customer feedback, and agent performance to deliver actionable results that will move your company forward. Learn more here by watching our joint webinar with Vonage, the leader in API-led contact center transformation. 


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