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Communications and media’s guide to the Salesforce Summer ‘23 Release

Jun 29, 2023 | Admin, CPQ, Latest News, Media and Communications

For communications and media, the summer business market is hot—not only is the temperature rising on customer demands for entertainment, digital content, and virtually connecting with family and friends, but the Salesforce Summer ‘23 Release has several features to amp up revenue generation and lighten the workload of business leaders in the industry. 

Features in the Summer ‘23 Release of note for organizations in the communications and media industries include predictive order fulfillment with AI support, enterprise quoting and CPQ enhancements, and advertising sales management improvements. Let’s take a closer look at each: 


AI for predictive order fulfillment and delay alerts

Now you can monitor service and order fulfillment with due date precision on prospective order line items while you’re creating a quote. This allows both sales and customer service users to manage customer questions related to their orders with real-time insight supported by AI, a huge boost for your customer satisfaction scores. You can watch a demo of this new feature from Salesforce here, or dive into the Analytics Studio of Communication Cloud to start getting predictions on your quote line items. 

Applicable Cloud: Communication Cloud


Enterprise quoting enhancements

Dynamic and iterative bulk quoting has undergone several changes making it even sleeker and supportive of communications’ sales needs. Some of these enhancements include…

  • The ability for sales reps to link products from one quote to products in other open quotes or orders on the same business account
  • The ability for sales reps to edit multiple quote line items with the same product at the same time (can apply revisions to multiple line items at once), a huge productivity gain
  • Greater support for enterprise orders: Users can create enterprise orders from a quote and add additional technical details like router specifications, installation date, wiring requirements, etc. Users can also skip quote creation and go straight to enterprise order creation with these technical details. 
  • Improved performance of the cart with product-attribute changes: Users can update multiple attributes on products and then update the cart price calculation, instead of updating after every change and encountering some performance issues with the repeated recalculation. 

And many more productivity and UX improvements to speed up quote creation for enterprise accounts in communications. 

Applicable Cloud: Communication Cloud


Cart-based API improvements with CPQ

Industries CPQ has been enhanced with this release to better support cart-based APIs. This means the APIs can now access and manipulate the quote and order data while in the cart. Other improvements for Industries CPQ in this release also include Scale Cache for optimized processing and refactored pricing, which minimizes SOQL and DML requests. 

Applicable Cloud: Communication Cloud


Advertising Sales Management improvements

Several enhancements are available for media companies leveraging the Advertising Sales Management functionality. First, radio ad placements are now an option for integrating into your media plan. Second, you can revise orders that are in progress so you can make edits to a media plan based on current performance metrics, including the ability to add or delete media placements. Finally, users on Media Cloud can use Advertising Sales Management to update multiple attributes on any given placement all at the same time, reducing the number of requests firing on the back end and improving the performance of the feature overall. 

Applicable Cloud: Media Cloud


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