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Cloud-based network infrastructure for 5G monetization

Oct 6, 2021 | Admin, High-Tech, Latest News, Media and Communications

5G is a major leap in wireless communications providing 200x the bandwidth, 5x lower latency, and a 20x faster data transfer rate than 4G that expands the capabilities of a wireless network to new industries and new use cases. In a recent article, Raja Shah, SVP & Industry Head at Infosys explained the opportunities that 5G and cloud-based networks provide. 


Cloud-based network modernization

Network operators require ubiquitous computational power to manage IoT (Internet of Things) traffic and process voluminous data at the network and endpoint level. For reliable service and ultra-fast speed, data packets of applications must be transmitted and consumed in milliseconds. 

Let’s take the use case of self-driving vehicles. Vehicle-to-everything communication technology in an autonomous vehicle collects and analyzes real-time data from IoT devices, including telematics, traffic signals, and obstacles along the route. This data is used to assess diverse parameters such as estimated time of arrival and traffic en route. On-board systems convert data into actionable intelligence and alert the driver to driving conditions. 

While 5G networks enable autonomous vehicles to respond in real-time by processing parameters with minimal delay, advanced automation is applied for real-time management of network bandwidth and resource allocation. Reliable platforms are required to capture, process, and store data for IoT services such as assembly line automation and robotic surgery. A cloud-based radio access network enables network operators to deliver high-speed service and ensure efficient data transmission while rationalizing investment in base stations. Cloud additionally allows scalable networking and enables agile and adaptable architecture for smart management of IoT networks.

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