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Alexa? It’s Salesforce: Integrating Alexa with the best CRM in the world

Jan 21, 2019 | Admin, Data Integration, Latest News

Salesforce is clearly a powerful platform, designed specifically to connect and integrate with numerous systems. But did you know one of those integrations can be with your friendly, cloud-based Amazon Alexa?

What an Alexa integration can do

The Alexa featured in the above video is directly integrated into Salesforce. This means users are able to query and modify any record in Salesforce using Alexa. A combination of Alexa and Salesforce APIs makes this functionality possible.

With this integration, it’s easy to check on an opportunity status, move deals into new stages, add upcoming tasks to contacts, and more — all with a voice command sent Alexa’s way.

An Alexa integration use case

Many of Simplus’ previous use cases have made innovative use of integrations with Salesforce. The particular use case that inspired this video was for a utility company we worked with recently. The client wanted a way to easily issue service requests, check account balance, and scan for potential outages in their area. The Alexa Salesforce integration provided that simple, easy solution for them.

Security with Alexa and Salesforce

On top of all that, the Alexa integration also has the ability to set up virtual pins for authentication, so you can be sure your Salesforce instance stays secure even as it becomes more connected to additional tools and resources.

To learn more about the Alexa integration, check out the Salesforce knowledge base or reach out to one of our expert consultants here at Simplus!


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