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Activities in Salesforce

Oct 28, 2014 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Planning for activities is one of the most important parts of Salesforce. Here are a few tools that help you manage your activities since working with them can be intimidating if you have a large number to work with as you often do in large companies.

Activity Optimizer

This tool lets you look at every activity that you’ve currently added all in one tab. You can use the tool to switch the status of activities, as well as change when the activity is due, as well as the particulars of the activity all from just the one page.

The tool lets you edit as much as one hundred events and one hundred tasks simultaneously, all on the same tab. You can search through the tasks by filtering for a range of dates, or whether the task is open or not.

You can also change the account, opportunity, lead and contact information every open task together. This tool is free to use and native to Salesforce.

Activity Flag

This app is also free to use and it allows you to set flags in the form of icons to make it easier to get quick information visually about contacts, leads, accounts and opportunities. In particular you can flag activities that have gone past the time frame where they were supposed to be due. This way it becomes easier to see which tasks are in the most dire need of attention, as well as evaluate how projects are moving along.

You can also upload your own images to customize activity flags.

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