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55 reasons to use Salesforce CPQ

May 29, 2018 | Admin, Latest News, Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ is a robust and dynamic platform that helps its users realize three times faster quoting. It’s a part of the Quote-to-Cash solution that helps you automate and streamline your quoting process to improve the customer experience and your bottom line. Here are 55 stellar reasons to use Salesforce CPQ.

  1. You can quote 66% faster.
  2. You will reduce errors in your quoting process.
  3. Your salespeople will love you.
  4. Your customers will love you.
  5. You can set it and forget it with automation.
  6. You will have more control over the quoting process.
  7. Your sales team will spend more time selling and less time building quotes.
  8. You will have more visibility surrounding your margins and discount levels.
  9. Your reports and dashboards will be readily available.
  10. You can increase your deal size by 105%.
  11. You can increase your sales quota attainment by 29%.
  12. You will have 28% shorter sales cycles.
  13. 26% more salespeople will close deals.
  14. You will have a 17% higher lead to conversion rate.
  15. You will increase productivity.
  16. You can integrate with back-end systems.
  17. You can have a single tool to meet all of your CPQ needs.
  18. You can simplify your processes.
  19. You can automate your exclusions.
  20. You can automate your dependencies.
  21. You can offer guided configuration to your sales reps.
  22. You can ensure that your reps quote a solution that is technically and commercially viable.
  23. You won’t lose business due to clients not understanding what they will have to pay and why.
  24. You can automatically apply volume-based discounts.
  25. You can automatically apply term-based discounts.
  26. You can automatically apply client-specific pricing.
  27. You will make it easier for your clients to do business with you.
  28. You can make your approvals consistent across the company.
  29. You can automate templates.
  30. You can have control over the document generation.
  31. You can automatically hide or show data based on contextual information.
  32. You can generate a dynamic set of terms and conditions that match the products and services quoted to each specific client.
  33. You can customize the language of your document based on location.
  34. You can standardize special symbols.
  35. You can automate the creation and handling of the transactional aspects of a contract through its lifecycle.
  36. You can record bookings and seal the transaction.
  37. You can track detailed info from the quote.
  38. You can send reminders to customers that payment is coming due or is past due.
  39. You can collect and record payments from your clients.
  40. You can be compliant with revenue recognition standards.
  41. You can help your CRM system provide a 360-degree view of your customers.
  42. You can make your customer data more visible.
  43. You can make your customer data more transparent.
  44. You can optimize margins.
  45. You can control the approval process.
  46. You can optimize all aspects of your sales process.
  47. You can feed many downstream processes such as fulfillment or invoicing.
  48. You can catch up with your competitors.
  49. You can deliver sales quotes, contracts, and invoices all on one platform.
  50. You can make sure your proposals are cleaner.
  51. You can streamline billing.
  52. You can better forecast sales.
  53. You can improve the customer buying experience.
  54. You can better manage your pipeline.
  55. You can increase your deal-level insights.


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