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5 signs it’s time to invest in cloud computing

Jan 1, 2015 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Logo Vertical LgCloud computing software is taking the world by storm, and when you look at some of the benefits it’s easy to understand why. Here are a few signs that you’re ready to make the switch to the cloud.



  1. You’re Out of Space

Individual computers only offer a certain amount of space to hold your software programs, and larger businesses require big rooms to house their servers. With cloud computing software you simply log into an Internet account and all your data is stored virtually on a remote server, out of sight. In other words, you pay a fee to have someone else take on storing your data.


  1. You’re Looking For Ways to Cut Costs

When your company no longer has a room full of servers to take care of, that can also mean your company won’t have to hire a team of IT people to manage it. Much of that help can come from them cloud company’s IT team that’s included with your subscription. Software programs can be pricey, and when you have to pay for software licenses for a long list of employees, the dollar signs keep popping up above your head. There are even some cloud computing services that are completely free, but if what you need costs money, they’re often subscription-based fees that can still be much less than what you pay the traditional way.


  1. You’re Worried About Security

There is never going to be a promise of absolute security no matter how you store your data. However, when you subscribe to a cloud computing company you’re paying for them to protect your files and information. They offer protection both physically, by guarding their servers with surveillance and preventing damage, as well as virtually, where they set up safeguards against hackers. Again, while this doesn’t guarantee anything, it can be a better bet than handling it on your own.


  1. You Want to Simplify

Many cloud computing companies offer applications that link together the software and applications you use. This means when you get an email scheduling a meeting or appointment it gets popped into your calendar automatically instead of opening and closing everything separately. It organizes things in a more user-friendly way that eases some of the stress that comes with handing business that uses lots of different programs. Communication with other employees gets streamlined and nothing gets lost in the mix. This also allows you to access programs on several devices. You wouldn’t have to be at work on your work computer to get what you need, you could log in from your laptop at home or even your smart phone.


  1. You Want Better Technical Support

Big software companies mean big pools of customers needing assistance and often it’s hard to get help when you need it. Many cloud computing companies offer personal round-the-clock assistance that the big guys can’t offer. They also provide online tutorials to make sure everyone knows how to navigate their programs, or even fix certain problems on their own should they arise.


From space issues to simplifying the way your business runs, these 5 things are indication enough that it’s time for your business to invest in cloud computing software.


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